Issue 91: Be Gay Do Crimes

Issue 91 Cover

cover by 2013

Going Twice, by Togi Kayako (土宜草子) *

Flourishes, by Iron Eater *

Friends in Low Places, by Shirozubon Saruko (城図凡然る子) *

Pest Control, by RunnyCrusty *

Halfway, by shukyou (主教) *

Exit Strategy, by causeways

Quenchant, by Nori Kanfuyu (法 寒冬) *

Take What You Can, by juou no zan (女王のザン) *

Blood and Steam, by CircleTime


suspicious handling, by Shrimp King

Stonewall was a Riot, by Phun Saa (พรรษา) and Passer Puellae

Andro, by Julian Crow

Caught, by Sparrow


Shousetsu Bang*Bang Issue 91


Age: 18+
Build: one cover, nine stories (seven illustrated), and four standalone illustrations
Distinguishing Features: descriptions of criminal activity; various sexualities and genders; NSFW text and illustrations; happy endings

Shousetsu Bang*Bang, alias “SSBB”, is known as a criminal principally online, and is wanted for peddling smut, welcoming kink, queering romance, and generally being horny on main. Has served time in horny jail for these very crimes, but was pardoned and immediately returned to its prior pernicious ways. Is now considered to be beyond rehabilitation.

Unless captured, will certainly publish again.

If you encounter Shousetsu Bang*Bang, do not call the authorities. Try to approach it yourself first.

Persons who are in possession of any information regarding the high quality of the contents of this issue should communicate immediately by social media and relay this vital information to the public. Concerned citizens should also leave comments on individual entries, warning others of the delights and wonders contained within.

(For summaries, authors’ notes, and more, we would usually tell you to see this issue’s entry on the Shousetsu Bang*Bang wiki. In the interim, however, please visit the relevant thread at the SSBB Bulletin Boards for similar content.)