6 thoughts on “Stonewall was a Riot

  1. This feels like an old school zine page in the best way! Something about collage and queer slogans warms my heart in a nostalgic way. The lettering in stonewall is creative AND it’s still very legible, which is sometimes a hard balance to meet and y’all nailed it!!

  2. I love how it feels like a sign you’d see on the street and it’s a sign that makes you stop and stare. The typhography is great and very legible, but I especially love how strong RIOT comes across, like it has so much story. An absolutely great job!

    • It is extremely similar to a sign you might see on the street, depending on the street! :D coughmlkdriveinphillycough

  3. This is great — I especially love the battleaxe T. :D Is there a higher res version anywhere? I’d love to get a better look at the details in the RIOT collage.

  4. S2B2 has never had much in the way of mixed-media pieces and that makes this one shine even brighter than it already does! Tying in assorted political, not just gender/sexuality-focused, imagery really hammers home the meaning, and it legitimately works as street art thanks to the care put into keeping it legible as well as symbolic. Long may it stay where it’s posted!

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