4 thoughts on “Caught

  1. Oo, saucy. This has a strong pulp feeling to it, like those racy books back in the day, I think because of the composition and color scheme. The flashlight effect really sells it, especially with the shadows on the wall behind them. I love the pose too, that nice wrist grab, though our thief doesn’t seem in a rush to escape!!

  2. I really love the story I can already make out of the piece just by looking at it. The thief just got caught but he won’t go down without a fight! Poor gentleman, he thinks he apprehended the thief; he seems to be in quite a lot of trouble. Excellent work in telling a story in just one scene. Makes me super curious to know what happens next.

  3. This is so fun and dynamic! I love the lighting from the glowing jewel, and all of the thief’s piercings. Very curious what the other gentleman is looking at off-screen. Backup for the thief, perhaps? Definitely feels like there’s a story here. :)

  4. Oh nooo, the thief has been apprehended by a dashing interloper, whatEVER will he do? As mentioned by others the details here are really fun, from that sneaky expression to the pouch full of stolen jewels to the way everything is framed as though caught in a spotlight’s beam. The contrast in the characters’ designs further tells us a bit about their personality; it really does tell a thousand words of story in a single picture!

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