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      This is a thread for the creators’ notes for Issue 91!

      Usually, we like to use the SSBB wiki to give authors and artists a chance to leave commentary, notes, links, and other useful information about their stories. However, since the wiki is down, this thread is intended as a temporary holding place for those things. Once the wiki is revived, any material left here will be transferred over there.

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      Phun Saa

      Artists’ notes for “Stonewall was a Riot:”

      I lettered this in about two hours in a screaming hurry (I letter very slowly), and then handed it off to my co-creator to work her collage magic. (That crying police officer, omg.) She’s always been this absurdly good at helping me with beta reading despite my ingrained procrastination, and I’m really happy I can show off the particulars of her work this time.

      Her notes in entirety are, “Be crime, do gays.”

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      juou no zan

      Author’s notes for “Take What You Can”

      Is it particularly likely that a trans person would just happen to be intersex in a way that closely aligns with their actual gender and mimics to an extent the changes a perisex trans person of the same assignment would get on hormone replacement therapy? No. Is it possible? Yes. Does it allow me to write a trans dude in an Age of Sail story who is living out my personal transition goals? Hell yes. (Did I start writing this story around the time I actually started HRT? That is also a yes.)

      I mean what, like pirate stories are super accurate, realistic period pieces anyway.

      Huge thanks to our illustrious editorial team for helping me, mmm, file some serial numbers down a little more.

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      Togi Kayako

      Author’s notes for “Going Twice”:

      Summary: Leaf didn’t mind putting himself up for sale if it would help his team get access to some critical auction records, but his buyer turned out to be much more than he was prepared for.

      NB/M, roughly 12,000 words and two-thirds smut by volume

      Tags/Content Warnings: dubious consent, questionably consensual voyeurism, aphrodisiacs, gun kink, voice kink, mild sensory deprivation, extremely dubious use of body mods and futuristic tech, candy-flavored jizz

      Infinite thanks to KMO for the gorgeous artwork!

      Notes: This is pure indulgence and I had a grand time working on it! Optix’s dick is a hybrid of a clear video game controller and the coolest modded/custom toy I have ever seen in my life, “The Hammer”:

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      The Burning King

      Artist’s notes for “Friends in Low Places”

      I have never conceptualized a piece so fast. It was almost instantly beamed from my brain. Shirozubon Saruko has such stellar characterization that all I needed was a few references. I tried a number of new things with this piece, but most especially I feel like I’ve unlocked the secret to drawing and painting nipples. I’m really proud of those nipples. But I am also super proud of the curves and shapes of the whole piece. Somehow I was able to contrast Loren’s sturdiness to Catalina’s softness.

      Thank you so much to Shirozubon Saruko for letting me illustrate your story!!

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      Nori Kanfuyu

      Author’s notes for “Quenchant”:

      This was betaed by 江 季剣; without her help there would be nothing and I can’t express how grateful I am in words.

      Thank you to Tamago for the beautiful art. It was a pleasure working with you.

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      Artist/Author’s notes for “Pest Control”:

      Normally I am an artist who occasionally makes comics, and this is my first written smut. A huge thank you to the editor, my spouse, and especially Togi Kayako for betaing so patiently!! Storytelling with prose is quite different from comics, and it was really interesting to learn and explore the differences.

      I wanted to make a story featuring two trans male roommates banging with no penetration, and I couldn’t resist the ultimate gay crime: sharing unprescribed hormones. Which yeah maybe don’t do it irl if you can at all avoid it. There are risks associated with not getting blood work done, and if you’re not going through a trusted source, you can end up with counterfeit testosterone or other things you don’t want to be injecting into your body. At the same time, hrt isn’t a always possibility for many people because of where they live, or financial access, or gatekeeping practitioners, or lack of services, etc. I glossed over this aspect because I mean, it’s kinky self indulgent t4t porn, but it’s worth noting.

      Art was down in Medibang + Photoshop for minor color corrections. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone with the color scheme on this one and I’m pretty happy with the final result.

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