5 thoughts on “suspicious handling

  1. Hilarious premise, and love the color coordination of lipstick/necklace/salmon bikini. I’m getting a fascinating vibe of Cruella De Vil but with fish instead of dogs.

  2. Love how funny and unique this crime is. The swimwear looking like raw fish is a great detail. Is the subject a fish eater or a fish as well? Big sea witch vibes here.

  3. Out west they say “salmon are sacred” so I somehow want to make a tantric sex connection here, but I can’t quite get the cultural fusion to line up.

  4. Salmon-pink lipstick, salmon-gray eyes, salmon-meat bikini pieces, and a great big pile of no doubt illicitly-acquired fish? Well, gracious, what’s NOT to like? Her fishhook pendant is a very fun touch. I also appreciate the text blurb you paired with this since it immediately made its point; not all of us live close enough to water to be familiar with fish crime, after all!

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