4 thoughts on “Andro

  1. Ooh, gorgeous! Love the pink details combined with the blue drop shadow, and the lacework on the stockings and garter belt is especially pretty.

  2. I’m a total sucker for limited color palettes, and this one is executed so well. The little details really make it, I love the thick and thin lining so much.

  3. the jewelry that matches the nails is such a cute touch! i am also in awe of that lace, idk if that is a brush or something but i feel like i could take a pattern off it and actually make some, and that is DETAIL.

  4. Your choice of pose and face for your figure are arresting: there’s a sense of casual confidence to it all, though the eye is still just a bit wary, as though the subject is aware of his vulnerability but proud and confident all the same. The gentle color scheme and delicate linework set up a sense of delicacy that is then INTENSELY contrasted with the harsh flat blacks of the lingerie, and let me tell you, I’m here for that sort of thing. Definitely interested to see what you do next!

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