8 thoughts on “Issue 91 Cover

  1. I love this cover! I love how you incorporated the sign and their matching shirts, and their total lack of remorse in their expression. Totally fits the theme.

  2. incredible style as always and absolutely ADORE how much character you’ve brought to just their expressions alone! total chef kiss

  3. This cover looks so good, I love it! It’s simple, but has such a striking composition. A+, great start to the issue!

  4. This is so FUN! Guy on the left looks like an adorable hooligan and I am really digging his mismatched nail polish.

  5. I love this cover! It’s simple, but the skill and ease with which their expressions are drawn, the little pop of color in the corner, the title used as a mugshot number – there’s so much here to notice and enjoy.

  6. I LOVE THEIR EXPRESSIONS SO MUCH there’s so much attitude from their expressions alone that i just know the person on the left is a terror and the person on the left is their enabler. the splash of color in the corner and the mismatched nail polish give such a great pop of color. a great spunky, punky cover to start off the issue.

  7. I love everything from their facial expressions to their shirts to the casual intimacy (arms around shoulders, hand slightly up his shirt, lol) and the nail polish and signs. Just beautifully done.

  8. What more straightforward way to reflect criminality than a mug shot, and what better way to thumb one’s nose at the system than by being happy, affectionate, and with someone else in said mug shot? The incorporation of the title and issue date into the placard is an extra fun bonus, and just like everyone else I highly appreciate the expressions and looks going on here. Fantastic way to sum up the issue in a single, stand-alone image!

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