10 thoughts on “The Summoning (Huldra remix)

  1. Quick notes! This is a redraw of the first piece I ever did for SSBB back in 2014: https://www.shousetsubangbang.com/mirror/the-summoning/

    The supernatural figures have evolved into the huldra, Scandinavian forest guardians who present as seductively beautiful women but possess cow or fox tails and/or their backs resemble hollowed-out trees. Huldra can be kind if treated with respect but can also control natural forces to wreak havoc if humans are troublesome.

  2. LOVE. again the lighting is so gorgeous and magical — especially in the glowy huldra hair. and the detail on the back is deliciously gnarly. I love it! I hope they are nice to her :3

    • Ah gosh thank you so much! Fwiw I completely intended this to look like it was gonna be a good encounter so I think she’s gonna be just fine.

  3. I am completely obsessed with the shelf mushrooms growing on the huldra. They’re the perfect detail to cap off the balance of unsettling and beautiful both of them have. I can’t tell if the summoner has gotten what she intended, or is about two seconds away from being in over her head — her expression looks calm, but could also be mesmerized. Either way, a totally gorgeous piece! The tree-bark section of back we can see definitely pings as almost gory for me (creepy in a good way!). My eyes keep bouncing back and forth between that, the beautiful weave on the summoner’s shawl, and the dazzling orange hair of the woman on top.

    • Thank you so much for such a thoughtful comment!! I’m excited that you see so much possibility in this–I intended for it to look like it was gonna be a good time for everyone involved, but the nuance is wonderful.

  4. this is absolutely gorgeous, jeez. like, i would put a print of this on the wall. it’s breathtaking!!!

  5. What a chill invocation, and with some beings you really don’t see nearly enough of, to boot! The greenery in the huldras’ hair and the cute little shelf fungi growing from their bodies make the hollow-log-spine aspect feel like it should be there, even as it contrasts with the smoother, softer curves of all three figures. The summoner is absolutely beautiful and I love the angle at which you drew her face; I also enjoy how she’s very clearly a Black woman interacting with creatures from a traditionally white culture, and it all just works as an image! The gentle touches she shares with her huldra friends tell so much about them. I really dig that negative space at the top to balance out the darkened hollow of the lower huldra’s back, to say nothing of how it contrasts with the fiery hair on the upper one! Literally fiery, as the light it’s throwing across the summoner’s hair and shoulders has not gone unnoticed (as mentioned in my other comment, you do some lovely things with light). Finally, this is some very good grass to look at, A+ would graze again.

  6. This is SO delightful!!! All the organic details. The mushrooms! So much movement, so dynamic. The use of light here is also stellar, the way the lines of the summoning circle glow distinctly, but there’s also a sort of ambient magical illumination from within. Also, I am SO impressed by your management of the knit pattern on that textile shawl. I don’t draw at all but that seems tricky.

  7. Ahhhh your art is incredible! The lighting and coloring give it such a magical feel that I’m immediately drawn into it!

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