10 thoughts on “after hours (Lucky Strike remix)

  1. GOD this is just. gorgeous. I love the lighting, especially the sequins getting caught in the bg <3 moody and beautiful.

    • Thank you so much! I did a lot of fiddling with the colors and this felt so self-indulgent but it really scratches my brain just right. ❤️

  2. The lighting on this looks absolutely magical and the amount of detail is WILD (the glint on the sequins in the back!!). I went to look at the piece you remixed and I think this one feels even more intimate despite the fact they’re not kissing. It might be something about the smaller sphere of light, and maybe the fact they’re clearly in the actress’s (?) dressing room after she’s kicked off her shoes and started to unwind. Even without seeing the other woman’s expression, she looks captivated and I love that energy.

    • Thank you so much! I really love exploring expressions of intimacy and the visual cues that can give a piece more of a story, so I’m really happy that you got this much out of this!!!

  3. Wow, this is so wonderfully intimate! Your 2016 piece is so different from this one and i love to see the progression. You did such an excellent job capturing depth in this scene and the lighting is so lovely.

  4. The way this builds on the original, going bigger on not just the angle (which is delightful) but also the composition, colors, details, and lighting (the sequins in the dark, oh!), is truly inspiring. There’s so much to look at, here! Your lines are simply gorgeous, elevating the rendering without hiding behind it, and while one might argue this isn’t as cleanly homoerotic as a kiss across a piano, the subtle things—that hand around the ankle, the splay of the legs, the closeness of a dressing room, all while one very attractive woman lights a cigarette for another—beg to differ. This picture’s very, very gay. And I’m very happy for it.

  5. Ah…. The *lighting*. I love that everything is so cool-toned, up until the eye is drawn to the flame, where the purple becomes significantly warmer. It makes me wonder what’s going on in their lives beyond this little moment; it feels very intimate. Something something “The world is tough but we’ve got each other”. Everything looks so relaxed and casual, and they look so comfortable together; it’s a cozy feeling all around!

    Great job!!! ♥

  6. This is STELLAR! I love this so much. My fave thing in art is emphasis of light sources and of course this is that in spades. The colors are so lovely, and the details are MWAH, chef’s kiss. The glittering sequins, the curled toes on the floor, the hand on the ankle. Also the suspenders butch look is hooooot and I want to bury my face in the seated gal’s boobs, so basically I want to live in the universe this is drawn in. :)

  7. stg I commented on this, but I was commenting on some stuff on my phone in a building with awful wi-fi, so perhaps it got lost.

    this is so fucking beautiful??? the colors and the details are so good. and the perspective??? gorgeous.

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