Asking Nicely

by Rick-O-Matic

Basketball: Lynn! My horrifically intelligent superior! I know that I, Antonio B. Carreon, have been your gainfully employed assistant for six-odd months, but don’t you think that you and I… share a fiery spark between us? That we–

Lynn: No. But fine. Strip.

Basketball: Wh–?!

Lynn: Carreon. If you do not actually wish to fuck, you might as well shut up and continue your work.

Basketball: No, no, no! I didn’t say I wasn’t interested!

Beta: Right in the lab, Lynn? Gross.

Lynn: They were distracted. It was holding back our work.

Lynn: I trust that they will pick up the mess once they come to.

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5 thoughts on “Asking Nicely

  1. This is such a cool, colorful style! It makes me think a little of the older style of 3D images, with the red and blue glasses? Something about the colored lines and shadows, maybe? It’s a neat effect. My favorite panel is the glasses adjusting with Basketball’s little gleeful face inset in the corner. Perfect mad scientist/supervillain energy!

  2. what a cool look! I love how dynamic and colourful everything is — very 80s weird science. that glowy bright green on Lynn’s glasses particularly reminded me of Re-Animator (how perfect for this issue!), and there’s a similar off-the-wall kinetic energy going on here. so fun!

  3. Who’s this “Antonio B. Carreon” schmuck people keep talking about? All I know is the reality of Basketball.

    Jokes aside, I love the vibrant pop-art feel of this, like a far more polished (and far more queerly horny) version of an old UPA cartoon; the bold colors, the stylized lines, and the just-simplified-enough backgrounds all play into the fun narrative you’ve built here. Poor Beta, just trying to get work done while their co-workers cannot stop banging. OSHA wouldn’t approve! Of course, mad science doesn’t seem to care much about things like “occupational safety,” so maybe that’s just one less problem to worry over…

  4. “Lynn: No. But fine. Strip.” and thats where i fell in love

    i just (clenches fist) adore cold scientists so much. i also adore puppy characters. i also adore ships between those two tropes. this is so up my alley. thank you

  5. Basketball’s shit-eating grin while theyre fucking is so good. I’m a huge sucker for hyper stylized art and I love how vibrant and fun this is!!

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