10 thoughts on “The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

  1. This piece looks intense!!! I love me some frantic, angry sex. The lines at the time really guide the eyes down to the subjects. The way you’ve drawn their expressions really telegraphs a lot about their dynamic, even if we don’t know much else about them. Your lines, especially for the pants, really ties together the monochrome you used for colors.

  2. Damn, look at those expression! Bottom goading the top, top ready for murder but settling for a hatefuck… Good shit. The hair grab, the thigh grab, the leg wrapped around… Just fucking exuding that arrogance. Great piece!!


    This is the kind of cat/dog relationship I like to see! This piece is super dynamic, and I’m glad you were able to work out the pose, because this came out fantastically.

    Also hell yeah suits

  4. I love these lines and the grayscale paired with spot color (as evidenced by my own piece this month, I like this look a whole awful lot), they combine into a wonderful feeling of motion and energy. Those big white teeth and eyes practically glow off the page! The balance between detail and stylization really works here, with enough little bits and bobs for the eye to linger on without everything becoming a smeary, scribbly mess. And yes, suits. Suits indeed.

  5. The red background makes this feel so dynamic, like they’ve just slammed into the floor. Great balance between very aggressive and everyone looking like they’re having a great time. :D Love the hair pull too!

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