4 thoughts on “Shousetsu Bang*Bang no 96 Cover

  1. love the colours, and the way you show the passing of time is so smart! also the blushing and the little background hearts when they get back together <3 adorable!

  2. The artist’s commentary for this helps me appreciate it so much more, and made some details my eye initially glossed over that much more interesting: the growing tattoo, for example, or the changes in clothing and personality over the years. The brushy inks paired with the super-bold colors and subtle paper textures are very appealing. Love that palette! As mentioned by a previous commenter, the transition from chaotic anger-lines to little floating hearts is a fun way to show the evolution of a relationship, and I think this is a great cover all in all. Great job!

  3. Yaaaaaaaay I’m happy they made up! This image has so much great energy, and the colors are really, really exciting. I like these guys a lot! I’m always a sucker for the odd-couple type pairings, which is the impression I’m getting from them. ♥♥♥

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