6 thoughts on “i have you close (but i want more)

  1. Some very fun vibes here, with the darker haired gent in the shadows and the white haired one close to the really beautiful window backlighting. I’m getting hints of sexy rivalry, perhaps? Also a huge fan of the lacing/cutouts on the pants, great little sexy detail there!

  2. Gosh, is there anything better than the moment right before a kiss, when a couple is sharing a breath for a second? I love love love how their faces came out and all the tension in their almost-kiss.

  3. Mixed-pigmentation couples (especially if one happens to have lighter hair against darker skin, for which you can probably blame Prince Ren of Octopon) are something my eyes enjoy looking at, and here we have a fine example of the subject. Their body language is really evocative, here, with tension and intimacy duking it out to see whether they actually go through with that kiss or not, and the way their lips are so close, and at such an angle, without actually touching further plays into that whole vibe. The hints of outside lights filtering in through the window glow are such a subtle, yet effective, way to set the scene, and the whole thing has a “hot summer night” feeling for me. Also important: hands. Love those hands. Let’s use our hands to applaud those other hands, folks, the picture wouldn’t be the same without them!

  4. Oh I love the use of light here, I can practically feel the warmth outside that window and the relative cool inside. Also the two fingers on the shoulder are just delightful. Such a delicate touch.

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