6 thoughts on “Skin Deeper

  1. this lil guy’s got a ton of personality, and his guts are very pretty! so fun. I love your minimalist colouring style. very striking.

  2. This makes me think of class illustrations from tabletop gaming books — I’m not sure what class this would be, but it is clearly rad as hell. I love how all the blue lines kind of naturally draw your eye down this fellow’s body. Lots of great details, too! I particularly like all the obvious spots where joints will articulate, like along the fingers.

  3. One of your strongest skills as an artist is your knack for incredibly complex detail work and this is no exception! I love all the circuitry and details both in the background and the character themself. The limited palette works really well too.

  4. I really love this character design. Beyond him being a robot, he has so many interesting elements that push things firmly into the fantastical realm– the toes, the elements on his head, and he has all of these other little points of interest that make him so much fun to look at. I love all the bright pops of cyan distributed throughout the piece; there’s enough to lead the eye around and provide nice glowy detail, but it’s balanced just right and creates a fantastic rhythm.

    The circuit board designs are a super great touch, too. You’ve done SO MUCH with very few colors, which always has me like @_@ whenever I see that. Great job! >w<

  5. This is such a clean, striking style, and the color palette really brings out the electricity. I love the feet and the hands in particular! Gremlin vibes.

  6. i always love the graphic style of black and white + an accent color, and this works so well with the electronic/robot components in that accent!

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