4 thoughts on “Milady’s Toilette

  1. Ooo I love the composition of this! The framing and balance makes me think of learning about how the renaissance art movement centered the individual over the group, and this piece really evokes that era for me (complete with the chapel-ceiling background texture!)
    My favorite detail is actually the gold cuffs/bases on the disembodied hands – it evokes both a supernatural and a mechanical feel to me, and is a very visually tidy solution to the “how do disembodied limbs end” conundrum.
    And the *tie* – HA! An excellent take on the theme.

  2. This has a fascinating vibe, like a deity or some kind of fascinating high-level magic user. I could see summoning hands to take care of your morning routine being pretty darn useful, and especially hands that cool. They’re so pretty! I love the blue and gold scheme, and the fact her eyes are the same gold. On first glance, I thought she just had solid gold eyes (again, deity or mage) but I’m wondering if it’s actually meant to just be eyeshadow? Either way, beautiful piece!

  3. Usually floaty hands are just meant to be like implied to attach to a whole person but i absolutely love this take of having them have their gold bases instead! I also love the tie interpretation of the theme, especially over a bare chest, it’s such a great look.

  4. I’ve always admired that your illustrations seem to pack a lot of untold stories and details within them. This one in particular makes me pause to ponder whether we’re observing a single pair of hands (moment to moment style), or multiple! What else will they “help” milady with?
    The turquoise floaty hands really pop and every one of them are so elegantly drawn, which feels very fitting for the title. The rotation of their golden bases are so well done too!

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