10 thoughts on “Puppy Training

  1. Now that’s a hell of a place for a signature.

    The detail of the feline partner being the larger/older/more dominant one to their canine friend is a nice touch, here, since it’s so much rarer than the opposite. As others have mentioned, the lighting here is also really striking, especially paired with that intense blue of the bigger one’s eyes! For a piece you had to pull off as quickly as your notes say you did I’d say you were able to cram a ton of detail into this. Well done!

  2. The lighting is SO pretty and the black really added so much!! I’m just now noticing the sub’s little trans masc sideburns and absolutely loving that detail. And all the muscles look really, really good, sub’s back is niiice.

  3. Yessssss, I love the character design and color/lighting scheme! There are so many fun little details to discover, it makes this piece a lot of fun to look at. X)

  4. Totally adore the pink/purple color scheme! It’s so vibrant. Huge fan of the very nice back/shoulder muscles going on, and I love that you worked your signature in as the “branded” waistband!

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