Issue 92: Like Cats and Dogs

Issue 92 Cover, by TOFU

cover by TOFU+BEAST


Hosing down the public fuckhole, by Arson

Sula from HR, Sophia from Accounts Payable, by TK Hoshikuzu (TK 星屑)

Sunset in the West, by Shirozubon Saruko (城図凡然る子)

The Meowtamorphosis, by Domashita Romero (地下ロメロ)

Moonstricken, by Togi Kayako (土宜草子)

Leo Equum Domitor, by Iron Eater *

When You Come Around, by Miyamura Kazuma (宮村和磨)

Walkies, by shukyou (主教) *

Mutually Beneficial, by juou no zan (女王のザン) *

The Sword of Greenlake, by CircleTime

sturm und drang, by spitkitten

* illustrated

Puppy Training, by The Winter Cynic

The Thin Line Between Love and Hate, by codeArgentum

Tom’s Men, by Julian Crowe

Fox Tale, by cloven

Heroic Himbone vs. the Purrverse Pussy, by RunnyCrusty


Answers to the name of Shousetsu Bang*Bang

Age: 18+
Sex: Lots
Breed: If you’re into that
Collar: Yeah, sure, that too

Identifying Features: Smutty tales of many genders and bodies; delightful artwork; occasional silliness and kemonomimi; guaranteed happy endings

Location: Found in the vicinity of other issues at

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