The Meowtomorphosis

by Domashita Romero (地下ロメロ)

As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself no longer a catboy. 

No, what? No, that wasn’t his name, Jun thought as he pulled himself up out of those dreams, his name was Jun and there was a soft, warm mouth moving over his neck, kissing down to his collarbones. He smiled as he curled his hand around the back of Shaw’s neck, petting it with his thumb in sleepy encouragement of these actions. He could feel the smile against his skin, and let out a contented, happy sigh.

And then became aware of movement behind him, rustling the blankets and thudding against the mattress. He opened his eyes. His tail was wagging. His tail. He sat up, dislodging his boyfriend from where he’d been so pleasantly nibbling at his shoulder.

“What the fuck,” he said, as he glanced behind him to see a cheerily curled, fluffy, dog’s tail above his buttocks. “What the fuck!” he said as he looked to Shaw and saw a pair of soft, triangular cat’s ears poking out from the mess of his bedhead.

“Yeah, it’s weird, right?” Shaw said, and reached up to tug on one of Jun’s own ears. Oh god, they were floppy. He very clearly had adorable floppy puppy ears at this very moment. “I had some pretty uneasy dreams last night and then whoops, suddenly I’m much more cat than usual.”

“You’re usually not cat at all,” Jun said, and Shaw just smiled at him lazily.

“I do have a little cat in me often enough,” Shaw said, and reached down beneath the covers to give Jun a solid grope. Jun felt his tail wagging a little more and narrowed his eyes. “I figured I’d just go with it for now. We can figure it out later.”

“Not little,” Jun muttered as Shaw returned to nibbling on his neck with teeth that did feel just a little sharper than normal. He curled a hand around Jun’s waist to run fingers down his spine, just enough of a touch of claw to make goosebumps raise up on his skin and to make him– “How do you live like this?” he groaned as his tail started thumping against the bed again, absolutely giving every bit of his emotional state away.

“It’s pretty easy,” Shaw said into the underside of his jaw. “And I was pretty sure that you liked being able to tell how happy you make me.”

“I like it when it’s you,” Jun grumbled, but any grouchiness he tried to put on was immediately betrayed by his transformed body part. He huffed out a grumpy little breath and curled his arms around Shaw, running a hand down his back to the base of his now very sleek, lovely, softly twitching tail.

Oh,” Shaw said and shivered hard, immediately arching into the touch. Jun laughed a little as Shaw’s fingers flexed against his skin. 

“Now the tables are turned, hm?” Jun said, and Shaw laughed breathily against his collarbones before lifting his head up to pull him into a kiss.

“…huh,” they both said in unison after breaking from it just a few moments later.

“That’s weird,” Jun said.

“It is weird!” Shaw confirmed.

“It feels like it shouldn’t be weird,” Jun said and dipped back down to kiss Shaw some more, feeling out the rough surface of his tongue with his own decidedly smooth one. “But it’s so weird.”

“You don’t think about it when it’s your own mouth,” Shaw said, curling a hand into Jun’s hair before kissing him more aggressively, teeth catching in his lower lip. He pulled back with a soft gasp when Jun gave his ass a squeeze. He seemed more sensitive now, eagerly twisting himself to every touch.

“I will now,” Jun said, and lifted his head up a little to blow a soft stream of air across one of Shaw’s ears, grinning as he watched it flick and heard Shaw make another soft, trembling noise. “Whenever we’re back to normal. We’d better go back to normal.”

Shaw laughed, breathless. “I don’t know, I could get used to this.”

Jun snorted and rolled them both over, grinning as he saw Shaw’s pupils, slitted in the morning light pouring into their bedroom, go wide in his dark eyes. “I don’t know, I don’t think you would,” he said, and kissed from Shaw’s throat down to his chest. He let out a soft breath and rested his forehead against it, to feel the beating of his heart and the rumbling of a purr. It was different, to feel it from the outside rather than in. “I’ve got to be so close to hear this. What if I couldn’t tell you were happy and loved me?”

“Nooo!” Shaw said, wrapping his arms around Jun’s shoulders as Jun laughed. All Jun ever had to do to get his boyfriend’s ears perked up and tail wagging was to just look at him. “I’d have to be in your lap all the time for you to know.”

Jun made a thoughtful sound as he brushed his lips over the rise of one of Shaw’s nipples. “That doesn’t sound so bad,” he murmured before circling it with the smooth tip of his tongue, making Shaw arch and gasp again. He put a hand into Jun’s hair, keeping him in place as he teased him with his mouth, and his fingers rubbed the soft backside of one of Jun’s ears. At least that still felt good, no matter what.

After Jun spent a while nipping and sucking at Shaw’s other nipple, Shaw’s hand abruptly tightened in his hair, pulling him off. “I need to suck your dick,” he said, sounding so deadly serious that it made Jun laugh again.

“You need to?” he asked, but he was already moving to straddle Shaw’s chest. He did look good like this, stretched out on the bed in the morning sun, doing nothing at all and still seeming utterly irresistible.

Shaw let out his own indignant little huff and grabbed Jun’s ass with both hands, bringing him up closer. “Yes, I need to, and you need me to,” he said, and briefly ran his hand along the curve of Jun’s relentlessly wagging tail. He was getting too used to that too quickly. He put a hand in Shaw’s hair, stroking it back, and smiled as Shaw tilted his head up, towards the touch and towards Jun’s cock.

“I do,” he said, and after guiding the head of his cock between Shaw’s lips, followed it up by saying, “Oh, fuck.”

That purr Jun had felt rumbling in Shaw’s chest felt different when it was resonating along the length of his cock, and the new texture of his tongue was enough to make him need to grab hold of the headboard just to keep himself steady. Jun couldn’t keep himself from fucking into Shaw’s mouth a little, just soft stutters of his hips.

“You taste different,” Shaw murmured as he drew back to tease Jun with soft kisses along his shaft. Jun heaved out a breath and ran his fingers back through Shaw’s hair again, resisting the urge to pull him right back where he wanted him for now.

“So do you?” Jun said, and then laughed at himself. He felt breathless already; Shaw always was more impatient and easily excitable than he was. “I mean, taste, like, your tongue…”

“No, I got it,” Shaw said, and gave him a far too pleased smile before putting an end to the teasing and swallowing Jun’s cock down as much as he could. Jun gripped at the headboard tightly as Shaw took him into his throat, purring all around him. Shaw traced little circles with his fingertips at the base of Jun’s spine, just above his tail, with just enough sharp touches to make Jun gasp.

“I can’t…” Jun said, even though he wasn’t sure exactly what it was he couldn’t do — but Shaw looked up at him with a spark in his eyes that said he absolutely could. Jun tightened his hand in Shaw’s hair and felt his satisfied little laugh, before he started fucking into his mouth in short, tight thrusts, never quite pulling all the way back. Shaw’s eyes were closed in an expression of contentment, and he looked gorgeous, absolutely perfect. He could have cat ears, dog ears, or even normal, human ears, and he would always be perfect to Jun.

Jun became aware a jostling that wasn’t from his own movements and glanced behind him to see Shaw jerking himself off steadily. “Wait, not fair,” Jun said, panting. “I want that.” He felt Shaw laugh again, threaded through with that purring rumble, and before Jun could stop himself he let out a barking shout and came across Shaw’s perfect tongue. 

To credit to Shaw’s decent heart, by the time he’d sucked Jun until he was overstimulated and spent, he had stilled his stroking hand. Jun collapsed on the bed beside him without much of his usual grace — although if he were being honest, he was never very graceful immediately after having his soul nearly sucked out — and pulled Shaw’s face to him for a sweet, lingering kiss.

“Huh,” he said. “It does taste different.”

“Right?” Shaw said, and then gave Jun a slap on the hip. “Now, how about you get up on your hands and knees. I think I want to try fucking you you-style.”

“Me… style…” Jun buried his face into the pillow and let out a deep groan while Shaw howled — yowled — with laughter. He deserved to go back to sleep after that, see if some more dreams would take him back to the peaceful, normal catboy lifestyle he’d become accustomed to. What he did instead, though, was to rise up onto his hands and knees, his tail wagging wildly.

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11 thoughts on “The Meowtomorphosis

  1. Short but absolutely sweet (and sexy-cute!) I enjoyed how they just rolled with the sudden kemonomimification, w.

    • WAIT this has 3 tears-of-joy emojis when I sent it. Because it’s FUNNY, that was my face from the joy derived from reading this

  2. OH MY GOD that opening line left me cackling, I love it SO much. Super fun little piece! All the contrasts between catboy and dogboy were great.

  3. this is the crack content that keeps me going. thanks for the sweet, lighthearted romp that i could totally see as a one-shot in some BL magazine.

  4. When one is given the opportunity to riff on Kafka in one’s pornography, one should take it, and I’m pleased to see you were not afraid to take up the banner. Given historians’ understanding of the man’s personal affairs I’m sure he would’ve agreed with your decision! This was a fun and breezy time of things and I can sincerely say I’ve never seen a nekomimi trait switch before, so thank you for your service in introducing me to yet another new thing.

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