15 thoughts on “Fox Tale

  1. This is gorgeous, hot damn. I really like the line effects you used, they really make the figures pop and emphasize the energy in your linework. The concept is really cool too, I love the detailed masks and the shibari.

    • thank you so much!! this honestly was so cathartic to work on and using all these bold little tricks was pure serotonin

  2. I don’t have the Discord emoji to express how I feel about this piece. The colors are delicious, the shape design is knife-sharp. There’s a deliriously dreamy quality to it that makes my heart skip a beat. The way the person in white touches the other’s jawline… Amazing. I love the general theme and imagery of this, too.

    • I feel like I don’t have a discord emoji to express how much this comment made me smile, thank you so much!!!

  3. Lessgooooo shibari bakeneko and fox whooooo

    I love how vibrant this is–the colors really do add to the headiness of the whole composition! The whole thing is so concise and sharp, too!

    • thank you so much! there are few things that make me smile like crispy lines and slap-you-in-the-face colors!

  4. I am struck by how gorgeous this is. The smoke draws the eye down to their faces, which are still so expressive despite being mostly covered up. Your use of pinks makes the piece both soft and really intense. The dark colors really make those ropes pop. This is extremely sexy.

    • omg thank you so much! this was originally much more pinky-purple but I nudged it toward radioactive red-pink and it clicked so nicely

  5. Wearing a mask with ears over your own ears? Well, why not, I ask you? Jokes aside, I love how you render fabric and smoke effects, and the outlines on various elements really help the different parts of the piece pop without being too distracting. The pinks you use feel appropriately sultry, rather than washed-out or cutesy, and paired with that deep navy the contrast between these two yokai is delightful. I particularly like the little pop of red from the ribbon in the nekomata’s hair!

  6. It is so cool to see how people take a prompt and run with it, and this is such a cool take!!i love the way you incorporated that red, between that and the smoke it really guides your eye around, in a really neat way because you kind of keep looking at it and circling it and noticing new little details! It’s really a beautiful piece.

  7. your work is gorgeous and this is no exception. my favorite part is the use of red, how it pops out and adds to the tension in the piece.

  8. Oh, this is SO pretty!! The amount of detail is amazing and I kept noticing more little stuff while I looked at it. Mr. Cat has the tiny jingle bell on his mask, the kitsune has little hints of the other layers of his robe — that touch of green is really beautiful, makes me think of springtime with all that cherry blossom pink around it. I love the incense (?) swirls. It’s easy to imagine something like an aphrodisiac floating around to help the tricksy kitsune drive his partner even more crazy.

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