Hosing down the public fuckhole

by Arson

Every other night, Denn walked into the station mall through the back entrance as the last shoppers were strolling out through the front doors. Some of the larger station malls were open around the clock, but Denn was glad that this one closed overnight. That way, ze didn’t have to try and clean around shoppers. Even though Denn wasn’t cleaning the whole entire mall zemself, customers would still get in the way. The team of semi-sentient bots took care of most of the cleaning, but they still needed someone to supervise their work and some of the more fiddly areas still needed cleaning by hand. 

The free-use fuckhole installed in the upper atrium was one of those sensitive areas. Denn liked to clean it first, as soon as zer shift started. It was situated right in the middle of the floor between the elevators and the entrance in from the shuttle level. The hole itself was angled invitingly upward, resting in a small depression just wide enough for someone to rest their hips in. The slope of the floor around the hole always reminded Denn of the curve of spread thighs.

Sometimes shoppers used the fuckhole for its intended purpose, but the one in the wall by the holotheater in the lower level was much easier to use, and was much more popular as a consequence. Denn didn’t really pay much attention to that one, since it was managed and presumably maintained by the theater. Zer contract only included the public spaces of the mall. 

Up at the less popular atrium fuckhole, it was more likely for careless throngs of shoppers to trample over the hole, or for bored packs of teenagers to stuff things into it and laugh. The depression leading up to the hole tended to collect litter or spills, and once it was full of trash, only the horniest or most foolhardy shoppers would fuck it.

By the end of the day, there was always some mess or another to clean up. Denn would hose the worst of it off and then change to a gentle jet of water to flush out the inside of the hole, rinsing out all evidence of shoppers’ spend or less savory things that had been shoved inside. 

Finally, ze would get out a soft cloth and a pail of clean water to carefully clean out all the nooks and crannies of the hole and its dip in the floor. 

The fuckhole was in the shape of a typical human vulva, with the one difference being the lack of a visible clit. Denn supposed the mall architects hadn’t seen any point, since the hole really wasn’t meant to mimic a partner. There were parlors with sexbots and even live prostitutes for that. A public fuckhole in the mall was a public amenity, like the water fountains for shoppers who got thirsty or the benches for shoppers whose legs got tired. It was a utility to satisfy the most basic needs, not a thing of luxury.

Aside from the missing clit, Denn personally thought it was a pretty little pussy. Nice full outer labia and intricately folded inner labia, blushed dark and pretty under the protective floor covering that went that went thin and translucent in this place, clinging to every surface of the fuckhole. When Denn would spread those pretty lips to wash inside, the pussy would twitch enticingly. 

Since ze got this job at the mall, Denn had had a cock more days than not. Prior to this job, sometimes ze hadn’t bothered with genitals at all, choosing a configuration with the simplest possible holes for elimination of waste and nothing more. But being around the fuckhole made Denn want to be able to fuck, as simple as that. 

Sometimes while cleaning it, Denn would slide zer fingers inside the hole make sure ze really got everything out, and zer cock would twitch in zer pants. The hole was tight and soft inside, a welcoming space even without using the lube dispenser nearby to add a bit more slide. When ze was done, Denn would often give those pillowy outer lips a fond pat before moving on to zer less interesting duties. 

Denn’s path took zem past the fuckhole several more times in the average night, and ze would always at least give the hole a fond look if ze was too busy to go over and pat it. Ze knew it was silly, but it felt like having a friend and coworker in the otherwise empty mall. And everyone else disregarded the hole, as if it was beneath their notice. Denn didn’t see the cost of a little common courtesy.

Tonight, Denn had arrived at the mall while it was still open to take care of an errand. The errand didn’t take as long as ze had planned, so ze started setting up for the night’s cleaning even though there were still a few shoppers milling around. As usual, Denn went up to the second level fuckhole first thing, but as ze got out of the elevator, ze stopped in zer tracks. There were two shoppers in rumpled flight coveralls near the fuckhole, one crouching and the other standing with his hands in his pockets, clearly waiting his turn. Denn was too far away for zer implant to pick up any biographical info they might have posted to the public feed aside from their pronouns, and didn’t particularly care to know in any case.

“Hold up your jacket or something,” the first one groused. 

His friend laughed. “What, you don’t want people to see you fuck the public fuckhole? In public?”

“Shut up, you know I can’t afford the private ones around here.” The first shopper scuffed his boot against the hole, glaring, then kicked out in frustration when his foot caught on the side. Denn nearly startled forward to say something, but then forced zemself to step back, blending into the small group of people milling around to watch the show. The mall didn’t have any rules against kicking furniture, and the building materials were far too strong for a single kick to damage anything.

The second shopper laughed again, and the first one scowled harder and opened his pants. He pulled out his stuff cock as he crouched down lower, and speared the hole so abruptly it made Denn wince. Ze stayed long enough to see the first shopper settle into a rhythm, then crept away, hoping ze hadn’t been noticed among the onlookers. 

It was almost the end of zer shift by the time Denn managed to get back to the second level. There had been an unexpected mess when one of the bots malfunctioned and leaked a path of dirty water over half the length of the mall before Denn had managed to catch it, and ze hadn’t been able to even pass by the fuckhole once. 

Denn half expected the two horny shoppers to still be there, but of course they were long gone. Ze hosed off the floor with long broad sweeps of the spray, feeling satisfied when the semen visibly painting the surface of the hole was washed away. The nanobots in the floor quickly dried the water that hadn’t flowed into the inconspicuous drain lining the walls, so the floor was already dry when Denn knelt down next to the fuckhole with the pail and the soft cloth. There was some sticky purple residue on one of the labia which the hose hadn’t rinsed away, and Denn spent some time carefully lifting it off. Ze didn’t really think the fuckhole could feel anything, but it looked so soft and vulnerable ze would have felt bad treating it roughly nevertheless.

This wasn’t the first time Denn had seen people fucking the public fuckhole, of course, but those two had been particularly rough, and the hole looked redder and puffier than it usually did. Carefully, ze felt around the thin membranes, on alert for any signs of damage. When ze didn’t find any, ze carefully flushed out the inside of the hole, feeling satisfied as the come and gunk of the day flowed out.

Still not quite satisfied that all was well, Denn put zer hand under the lube dispenser, and with a faint whir zer palm was filled with warmed lube. Ze spread the lube liberally over the fuckhole, making sure to generously coat the slit so it would be easy to push the lube inside. With just one finger, ze circled the entrance, paying careful attention to how the pussy fluttered and twitched. For something that was just another inanimate fixture of the mall, it certainly seemed as if the fuckhole could feel what ze was doing.

When it seemed like the swollen little opening had softened up enough, Denn pushed zer fingertip inside, crooking zer finger to give the inside of the rim the same examination ze’d given the outside. Again, despite appearances, it felt undamaged. The pussy hole fluttered around Denn’s finger, almost like it wanted to draw zem in.

“Alright, alright, I’ll give you more,” Denn said, feeling mildly embarrassed as soon as ze said it. It was a good thing the mall was closed and there was no one around to hear zem talking to a fuckhole.

Denn dragged zer finger through the slick folds to gather more lube, then sunk it into the pussy. It was a tight fit around zer thick finger. If ze hadn’t seen it with zer own eyes, Denn would never have guessed that the hole had been fucked at all today, much less so recently. 

Being clutched so tightly in the slick heat felt good; Denn could only imagine what it would feel like on zer cock. 

With a start, ze remembered this was the end of zer shift: the bots had already been shepherded back to their garage and there was nothing else left to clean. The rest of the night was zer own, and there was nothing stopping zem from fucking the hole if ze wanted. It was something ze had wanted for a while now in an abstract way, but now…why not do it for real? 

Zer cock gave another jerk, close to half hard already.

Mind made up, Denn stroked the pussy more purposely, rubbing at the slit and pressing two fingers inside. There was no practical need to finger the fuckhole; Denn had just seen it take far more than zer modest cock with no trouble at all. But Denn was here for zer own pleasure right now, and could barely wait to feel inside for more than a stolen second or two. 

Ze fell into a nearly meditative state, slowly scissoring zer fingers until the slick channel didn’t feel quite so tight anymore. 

After a while, Denn noticed a nub inside the hole, one that felt suspiciously clit-like. Ze rubbed against it more purposefully and was rewarded by the pussy almost pushing up into zer hand. 

Surprised, ze did it again, and received the same enthusiastic reaction. 

Denn wondered how it worked, what mechanism was hidden under the floor to make everything feel so alive. If anyone had asked zem before ze came to be the unofficial caretaker of one, Denn would have guessed that fuckholes were simply synthskin and silicone. Maybe ze would have guessed a heating element or a motor was involved if ze really put zer mind to it, but the reality of this one went beyond all expectations. 

Stroking the internal clit a few more times made the pussy flush and tremble, utterly enchanting to watch. Denn forgot that ze had a goal for a few minutes, too caught up in the magic. Ze had been accidentally stimulating this spot the whole time ze’d been fingering the hole, hadn’t ze? But now that it was purposeful, the hole couldn’t seem to get enough. 

If the hole enjoyed zer fingers, would it enjoy zer cock more? 

Silly, Denn thought, but the idea still turned zem on. 

Heat flashed up and down Denn’s body. No need to delay longer, was there? Ze opened zer jumpsuit, pushing down zer underwear enough to free zer cock. It was hard and leaking at the tip now, and for a minute Denn wanted to shove it into the hole as rough and fast as the scowling shopper earlier had done. 

Ze rolled onto zer font, letting the dip in the floor cradle zer hips just like it looked like it was built for. People would try all kinds of positions here – the shopper earlier had been half-squatting, half-crouching, stabbing his cock awkwardly downwards, as if that was more dignified somehow than laying down on the floor.

Denn got another handful of lube from the dispenser and slicked up zer cock before lining it up with the opening of the pussy. Even after all that fingering, it still felt so small as Denn slid in. The opening fluttered and clenched, but when Denn stopped moving it relaxed again, almost beckoning zem in. Ze rocked zer hips experimentally and felt the stiff peak of the clit rubbing against the top of zer cock. 

It made zer feel like ze was losing zer grip on reality a little, the idea that ze was giving the fuckhole pleasure at the same time as taking zer own, that the hole was enjoying…itself? Themself? 

The clit was large and swollen now, as clearly aroused as Denn zemself. Denn wondered what the pussy looked like right now – would it be flushed dark and red? Dripping with lube and Denn’s pre-come?

Ze almost wanted to look, but that would mean pulling out of the hole’s hot sucking depths, which was unthinkable now that Denn was inside. Instead ze just buried zer head in zer folded arms and rolled zer hips, rutting into the tight little hole.

Dimly, Denn was aware that if anyone else were to walk through just now, they would see the janitor lying flat, furiously humping the floor. Somehow the thought only made it hotter, even though the mall was closed and no one else would come along. Let everyone see, Denn thought frantically as ze fucked into the hole, cock throbbing. This hole was good, it was making Denn feel so good, and people should see. Maybe then this fuckhole would get half the appreciation of the one down by the theater. 

All too fast, Denn felt the edge of zer orgasm rushing up on zem. It wasn’t often that ze had a cock at all, and even less often that ze fucked with one. Was this how fast it always was? Or was the fuckhole just that good? Ze moved faster, chasing that heat,, feeling the tension in zer shoulders and back and thighs. Just a little more – ze was so close, fire licking up zer spine, ready to tip over that edge at any moment. Denn shoved zer forearm into zer open mouth, eyes screwed shut, and sank zer teeth in.

Unbidden, the image of passing the pretty little pussy on zer rounds and not just patting it, but bending down and kissing it, flashed into Denn’s mind. A soft kiss, fond, feeling those pillowy lips against zer mouth. The fire in zer groin boiled over all of a sudden at the image, and ze was pulsing and releasing into the hole, burying zer cock deep to wring out the last of the pleasure. 

As soon as ze finished coming, Denn collapsed, breathing deeply. The floor was nice. It was smooth and slightly cool on zer skin, a nice place to rest until ze felt like ze could get zer legs to work again. Ze would just stay here a little longer, buried in the fuckhole until ze went soft and slid out. It wasn’t like there was anyone waiting in line. Denn had the whole mall to zemself for another couple of hours. 

Denn had just started to drift into a hazy half-nap when there was a soft ripping sound right under zer head and ze had to scramble back to avoid pitching into a sudden hole that had opened in the floor. 

There hadn’t been a seam there, or else ze surely would have noticed, but the floor unzipped in a neat line as if there was, revealing a darkened nook underneath. A person sat up from the nook with a slight “oof,” and suddenly Denn was face to face with the most beautiful catboy ze had ever seen. Delicate gray and white tabby ears, the softest looking fluffy hair, a cute little pout – 

A little card came up in Denn’s vision, zer implant helpfully supplying the biographical info the person from the floor had posted on the public feed. 

Name: Thiro
Pronouns: he/they/ɷ
Gender: Femboy
Age: 26 station cycles (27.5 homeworld cycles)
Homeworld: Ufrabti (Kiang-3)
Species: Cat/human hybrid
Favorite color: Pale blue-green
Currently playing:

Denn forcibly dismissed the card before the catboy’s favorite track could start playing in zer head. It was too much information to take in all at once, especially when ze had just been – if Thiro was inside the floor, and Denn had been fucking the floor, then –

“Hi,” Thiro said. He had a cute voice, too, low and a little scratchy. Denn felt doomed.

“Sorry, I didn’t know you were real,” Denn blurted out through the static currently occupying zer brain. “I mean! I didn’t know anyone was in there! Obviously you’re real, you’re right here.”

Luckily ze wasn’t still literally inside Thiro, but zer clothes were still open, soft wet cock just hanging out there. As if Thiro could have any doubt about who had just been fucking him.

Thiro laughed, scrunching up his nose. “Relax. I should apologize. The pod just opens automatically when my shift is done, I didn’t mean to surprise you.”

“Oh.” Denn belatedly zipped zer jumpsuit back up, covering zer sticky cock and floor-burned stomach and racing heart. “Okay.”

They were still very close together, Thiro sitting inside the nook under the floor and Denn kneeling next to it. Denn couldn’t stop thinking about what ze had just been doing, but Thiro continued undaunted, “If I had known you’d be here, I would have let you collect yourself before I just popped out like that. But I when I logged in for my shift I had no idea I should have set it for twenty minutes extra.” This last part was delivered with an apologetic shrug.

“Ah,” Denn said. The shock was evidently going to take some time to wear off.

With an amused shake of his head, Thiro stood and stepped out of the pod. The sleeveless smock he was wearing fluttered down to cover his knees, and Denn’s face flushed even darker when ze realized Thiro must have just had the dress hiked up above his hips the whole time. That he couldn’t possibly be wearing any underwear now.

“I think we got off on the wrong foot,” Thiro said with a little laugh. “Let’s try again? Hi! Nice to meet you.”

“Good to meet you, too,” Denn replied automatically. Ze held out zer hand, far too formal, and Thiro took it before ze could think better of it and pull zer hand away. 

Thiro’s nails were short and slightly pointed, stained a vivid acid green. Denn looked away as Thiro squeezed zer hand and let go, reminding zemself it was impolite to stare.

“Send me your info?” Thiro asked, scrunching his nose. “There’s nothing in the feed for you.”

“Oh, right.” Denn sent over the small intro packet that ze kept for such occasions. “I like to keep to myself, mostly, I don’t put much in the public feed.”

Thiro’s eyes flicked back and forth as he read Denn’s card, and Denn hastily wiped zer hands and straightened zer hair while Thiro’s attention was off zem. It was true that ze didn’t go out of zer way to meet new people, but ze had rarely felt so wrong-footed and shy around someone. It was also rare that ze fucked someone through a floor before formally meeting them, so Denn tried to cut zemself a little slack.

“Denn,” Thiro said, smiling. “Good name. You work here?”

Denn nodded. “Janitor.”

An impressed whistle as Thiro looked pointedly around the large open space of this wing of the mall. “Wow. All by yourself?”

“I supervise a team of bots. There’s not really much I have to clean by hand, just some of the older fixtures in the food court and, uh. You.”

Thiro laughed hard, clutching his belly as he rocked back on his heels. “You’re cute. You really didn’t know there was someone in there?”

“No! I should have guessed, but I really didn’t think the fuckholes were…uh, staffed. Do you really stay in there all day?”

“Not all day” Thiro said to Denn’s relief, then to zer horror added, “Just sixteen hours.”

Denn’s eyes went wide. “Sixteen hours? One-six??” The station day was only twenty-five hours long. That only left Thiro – nine hours to himself a day? That couldn’t be right. Denn’s shift was four hours, every other day. Someone else supervised the bots on the other days; because of their schedules, Denn had never met them. 

Thiro nodded. “Don’t look so horrified, it’s great. Anyway, my shift is only supposed to be twelve hours, I just keep padding it out and they keep not noticing.”

Denn blinked. “But for so long? How do you bear it??”

“Well, I really like being fucked,” Thiro said with a little smirk, as if that were the beginning and end of Denn’s concerns. He must have seen something on Denn’s face, because he swiftly switched tactics.  “It’s fine, really. The pod is super comfortable. Usually I just sleep in there – catpeople sleep a good twelve to fourteen hours a day, so that’s already most of the shift. Then the rest of the time I just watch media on the feed or catch up on my chats.”

That…sounded a lot like what Denn did at home, honestly, adjusted for their different sleep schedules. Still, though: “Every day?” 

“Oh, fuck no. Every other day, and then four times a cycle I get fifteen days off.” 

“Me too!” Denn exclaimed, then felt silly. If the mall employed both of them, it made sense for their employment terms to be similar. “I usually take all my time off at once so I can travel, though.”

“Where have you traveled?” Thiro ambled over to the railing that looked over the central atrium and started doing some stretches, looking over his shoulder to signal that Denn was welcome to follow. “Wait, that’s too open-ended…how about, where’s the coldest place you’ve been?”

Fuck, the way his body moved as he stretched. Why did he have to be so sexy and so nice?

Shaking zemself out of it, Denn forcibly focused on the question. “Hm, the coldest one…” Ze leaned against the railing and pondered for a minute before telling Thiro about a trip ze had taken five cycles ago. It was an interesting story, and not one Denn had gotten the chance to tell too many times before, but even as ze was telling it, zer eyes kept wandering toward the fuckhole, innocently lying in its dip in the floor like nothing had changed. Had Thiro been inside every time Denn had ever cleaned the fuckhole out, every time ze’d altered zer route through the building just to touch it one more time? Had it been someone else some of the time, or was Thiro the only one who worked there? If there was no one under the floor, what would the fuckhole even look like?

Eventually, the story trailed off and the conversation lulled. Denn found zemself staring at Thiro’s hair – maybe to avoid making eye contact, but also because it just looked so soft. A puffy cloud of gray and brown fur, a few shades lighter than his ears. Denn wondered what it would feel like to sink zer hand into that cloud, then chastised zemself: Thiro worked as a free public fuckhole, not a public hair-touching post. And even if he did, it was a moot point right now when he was off the clock.

“Why don’t you work in a catboy salon?” Denn blurted out, unthinking.

“Pardon?” Thiro said, coming up out of a deep stretch and switching to the other side. 

Denn’s face was already burning again. “No, never mind, that’s none of my business. I just mean like. Why here? Catboys can make bank. Here, no one even knows you’re in there.”

“Exactly,” Thiro said, grinning. “That’s how I like it. Do you know how annoying clients are?”

Denn didn’t know, and ze liked it that way. Ze supposed Thiro had a point. “Okay, but if they don’t know you’re in there, what if they get too rough?” Denn countered. Those two shoppers from earlier were still fresh in zer mind.

“Nanobots,” Thiro said, with great satisfaction. “Might be even better than getting paid to sleep. I can have them turn down pain and they repair any injuries instantly. Not that there’s much anyone could really do to hurt me through the protective membrane, but the nanobots are part of the standard free-use contract, since we’re not supervised.” 

“Wow,” Denn said, appreciative. Biological nanobots were far more advanced than the simple nanobots that kept the mall floor dry, and hard to come by because they had to be customized to a single user.

“That’s not even the best part.” Thiro’s smile developed tiny fangs. “The best part is that they’re active the rest of the time, too. Scratch me.” 

Denn backed away from the arm Thiro held out. “No thanks.”

Thiro pouted but didn’t press the issue. “It’s not as dramatic if I scratch myself,” he said, but he did it anyway, scratching a trio of deep lines across his soft inner forearm. The scratches immediately beaded up with blood, but almost as fast they started to seal up. After a few seconds, Thiro wiped away the blood and showed off his smooth, unblemished arm.

“Works every time,” he said, sounding very satisfied. “And I didn’t feel a thing.”

Denn wondered what other situations Thiro got into where this ability was a benefit, then reminded zemself it was none of zer business. 

“So many questions. Thinking of changing departments?” 

“Hah!” Denn laughed, caught off-guard. Ze could never be a sex worker; ze was far too awkward around people. Somehow, ze didn’t want to say that around this particular charming person, though. No need to put ideas in his mind. “I’m just curious. Sorry, I shouldn’t ask too many questions.”

“No, you’re good,” Thiro said. “Most people are just like ‘oh, a catboy who does sex work, I know what that’s about,’ and then they don’t ask any questions even though they have no idea, actually.” Thiro rose up from a floor stretch, all sinuous curves and bright, smiling face. Denn barely knew him and already he liked him so much. It was terrible. 

“I’m probably keeping you,” Denn said as ze realized it, belatedly. Thiro must have places to go after his unthinkably long shift. 

Thiro shrugged. “Not from anything important. It’s not every day I get to meet an admirer face to face.” 

Denn’s stomach did a little flutter as ze tried not to read too much into admirer instead of client. “It was good meeting you, too.” 

Thiro’s eyes turned to crescents as he smiled. “Yeah! We should do this again sometime. Maybe you could introduce me to your bots.” 

“They’ll love you,” Denn said, even as zer stomach did another silly flip. This was just getting to know a coworker. There was no need to get so fluttery about it. 

“It’s a deal, then,” Thiro said, holding out his hand. Denn clasped it and was busy trying not to obsess over whether Thiro was holding on longer than was strictly collegiate, when Thiro leaned in and said in a much lower, raspier voice, “You have really nice fingers. Come say hi anytime I’m on shift, yeah?”

Denn’s body flashed hot and cold all over, and ze was sure ze was blushing furiously. Not strictly colleagues then. Maybe. Hopefully. “Just my fingers?” ze blurted out before ze could catch zemself.

Thiro giggled. “Not necessarily. I do love a surprise.” He tapped out a pattern on the back of Denn’s hand. “Do that and I’ll know it’s you.”

Denn was already nodding agreement when Thiro added, “Or not, if you want to keep me guessing. But I want to meet the bots either way, don’t forget.”

“Okay,” Denn agreed, very turned on again and slightly dumbfounded.

With one more quick squeeze of zer hand, Thiro let go and headed out the door to the shuttle bay. Denn wondered how much shuttle someone could get if they worked sixteen-hour days. Probably a ridiculously fancy one. Maybe someday, if things went well, Thiro would invite Denn to take a ride on it.

Dismissing that train of thought before ze could get too far ahead of zemself, Denn turned back toward the unoccupied fuckhole and readied zer cleaning supplies. It wouldn’t do to leave a mess for the next person. And while ze had the chance, Denn was pretty curious to see what it looked like without a person inside. 

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13 thoughts on “Hosing down the public fuckhole

  1. Holy shit this was hot. Love your description, and indeed, it does do what it says on the tin.

    The little bits of worldbuilding were really interesting–the sort of familiar yet not mallcore-and-myspace elements were a nice touch! I def would be interested in seeing more stories in this universe.

    • thank you tofu!!!!!! I didn’t think of this as futuristic myspace/mallcore aesthetic when i was writing it but looking back, yeah that’s what it is :D :D most of my attention went to making sure they had great pay and lots of time off haha

  2. The first half of this was honestly a bit tense as I wobbled back and forth between “there’s a person in there” vs “some kind of advanced sex tech”, and then the second half turned into an absolutely wild meet-cute! Seriously adorable. I appreciate how carefully you’ve worked to make the idea of a public fuckhole not a total nightmare and indeed, a reasonable-sounding career choice with the nanobots and such. Plus the fact Thiro’s into it is great!

    (Also: Trash? In my catboy? It’s more likely than you think.)

  3. reading this made me think of the ‘this is the future that liberals want’ meme in an enthusiastic way. sex-positive future with advanced technology and a good work-life balance AND cat people?? yes please this is what i want. this was a fun, imaginative, sexy piece and i enjoyed the soft resolution. Denn and Thiro seem like sweethearts!!

  4. so cute! love the world building – even though it was wildly unfamiliar, you introduced everything so naturally that I felt I had a handle on the world: the sort of grungy mallcore stuff made it feel grounded, and then the futurism gave it a charmingly fluid, escapist vibe. And you totally got me – I was as surprised as Denn by the twist!
    The focus on caretaking and giving rather than receiving pleasure was very hot, and established Denn’s character very nicely – and then the twist made it all the more sweet. And you’ve got to love some nervous flirting. The line about the bots liking Thiro = adorable

  5. Love the concept! Then again I generally like free use, but this seems like a spiffy job to do if Thiro is someone to go by.
    Even if there wasn’t anyone in there, it was nice reading Denn regard the public fuckhole’s with care

  6. This is so hot omg

    And the twist of Thiro being an employee instead of like an appliance…hilarious. I’m so glad they both get such good benefits and hours! This is such a fun little world just a bit sideways from ours…yes they have 16 hour public amenity shifts BUT you do make bank and get excellent healthcare.

  7. I just really love the concept of someone taking care of a neglected piece of architecture and somehow you made perhaps the most bizzare meet cute out of it! There’s just this very poetic juxtaposition of tender and gross that manages to make a public mall fuckhole sweet.

  8. First half of the story had me adding “disembodied but responsive pussy” on my kink list so thanks for that! It was super hot. I laughed at the carrd-er, card- display and Denn’s desire for privacy, and overall this story was just really cute! Thiro is absolutely charming and I love how much Denn is excited and curious about him.

  9. The title was very literal. This has already been said but the world building is really interesting and great.

  10. Sometimes stories have subtle names whose meaning is only obvious after multiple readings, and sometimes you get stories that are exactly what it says on the tin, and bless this piece for being the latter. I enjoyed how casual the scene-setting was here, and how deftly you presented the central conceit of the story in a matter-of-fact way that still explained everything it needed to (and ignored anything it didn’t). Everything needs cleaning! And there’s definitely worse ways to earn a living than a job that lets you nod off, read, or otherwise goof off so long as your orifice is readily available. Wonderful to have you writing for the zine again!

  11. Wow, you managed to fit several unexpected twists into a fairly short story! Very cute, and a fun read.

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