4 thoughts on “View Attachment

  1. The shading on this is SO lovely! I love the warm glow from the amber tubes behind Connor. And I love how much tension Caleb has in his toes, you can tell he’s close and really enjoying himself :D

  2. THIRTY-EIGHT MINUTES? Goodness me, someone knows how to pace himself! At least he’s got a receptive audience.

    Sequential art is perfect for scenes like this, with two images together telling a story each on its own couldn’t; there’s some fun storytelling in the size of the dildo being used and the ENORMOUS schlong on the video recipient! The light effects at play in the second piece are quite nice, too, with the gold light playing with the darker purples of the rest of the environment. The purple sheets (and dildo) connect the two through the magic of color theory! Gosh but I love seeing how much effort put into their artisinal dick pics.

  3. Oooh, I saw the lines on the Discord but I LOVE what you’ve done with the colors! The gold lighting in the second pic is especially nice. Very excited to see more of these two in the future — there’s some very compelling story stuff on the plot side of things (and also, y’know: pretty!!).

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