4 thoughts on “Wishing Well

  1. I can’t get over how much I love the coloring on his shirt! You really captured the wet look wonderfully. And he’s got such a nice expression of bashfulness and desire.

  2. This is so cute and soft. It feels like one of those old movies where they smeared the lens with vaseline to make everything all dreamy. Also: extremely important nip slip, thank you

  3. Trying to pull off a successful “wet look” effect is so difficult and the subtle skin tones showing through the shirt really help make that work. There’s so many potential narratives here: did our figure transform from a frog (royal kisses optional), were they recently rescued by the frogs, were they a gift from the well in response to an earnest wish by an unseen observer…? It keeps me looking at the art longer, which means ample opportunity for appreciating all the little details put in. And what better contrast for so much green than a redhead?

  4. Definitely getting some Frog Prince vibes from this! I think part of it is the sort of watercolor style? It’s very pretty, and it reminds me of illustrations in fairy tale books.

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