6 thoughts on “Demo Reel

  1. Your colors *____* I immediately thought of holding up film to the sunlight to see the picture. I love how overexposed this illustration looks and how we get the impression it’s dark without actually seeing a lot blacks. Whatever these two are submitting this demo reel for, it’s hot and intimate. It feels like I’m walking in on them and they do not mind getting caught.


    I love the possessive look the one is giving the camera, it’s quite provocative. Is it acting, or is there something more going on off-camera? HMMMMMM

    Great work!!!!

  3. Can’t help but join the chorus of “ooooh colors!!” going on in the comments. The somewhat sketch-y coloring (colored pencils? digital colored pencils?) definitely gives me a film vibe that works really well. Love all the tattoos too!

  4. People cannot stop praising the colors here (and rightly so!), but what gets me is the texture everything has. The movement of the background pairs well with the intimacy of the two on camera while giving things an ever-present energy, working with the warm glow of the light and the cooler background shadows and pairing with the linework to give everything a subtly naturalist look. The camera placement and that knowing glance at the lens make for some intriguing story elements, too; for whom are they filming, and who else is there (or ISN’T there)? It’s an interesting piece to look at for all manner of reasons!

  5. gorgeous!! I’m so intrigued and drawn in by the composition and the lighting. Love the hair in particular. Tousled!

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