by CircleTime

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The city marketplace was thronged with people of all kinds – as was typical for an early morning at the start of the week. Freddy made his way through the busy streets, passing by stall after stall, suppressing a flinch every time someone stepped into his path or pressed too close to him. He spent so much time in his shop that it was difficult for him whenever he stepped outdoors – too much noise, too many smells, too many faces to even look at, let alone remember. He tried to stay focused, not to panic. He was here for one reason only – flour.

The merchant who sold the most affordable flour made from the finest wheat in the land always set his stall up in the same location every morning, and for that, Freddy was thankful. It was easy – relatively – to make his way to the exact stall in the market centre where that familiar face was crying his wares. 

“Flour! Fresh flour! Direct from our mills to your homes!”

Freddy hesitated as a group of people passed between him and the stall, before quickly seizing his chance and darting in.

“Frederick!” the merchant enthused. “Good morning!”

Freddy forced a smile onto his face and ignored the pounding heartbeat in his ears. “Hello, David. I’m here for the usual.”

“Of course, of course.” David hefted two sacks of flour onto the stall. “Sure I can’t get you anything else? Some sugar? I hear Miriam is giving away fresh eggs at half price this weekend.”

Freddy shook his head hurriedly, eyes firmly locked on the flour-filled sacks. “No, no, that’ll be all. Thanks.”

“No problem at all. That’ll be forty coppers.”

Freddy blinked in surprise. “But…I’m buying sixty coppers’ worth of flour.”

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw David’s hand wave dismissively. “It’s a discount, Frederick! For my most loyal customer.”

Freddy looked up reflexively, both stunned and filled with gratitude, and immediately wished he hadn’t. David was still the most handsome man on this side of the Slumbering Seas – his youthful face framed by his sandy blond hair, dotted with numerous freckles and tanned until golden brown. His chocolate-brown eyes twinkled in the morning sun as he beamed at Freddy, who felt heat rising in his face at once.

“O-Oh! Of…of course. Thank you!” Freddy stammered, hurriedly handing over the copper pieces before dropping his gaze determinedly to the flour sacks again, hoping the gorgeous merchant hadn’t noticed the red hue in his cheeks. He lifted the sacks of flour up off the stall, turning his back on David with a strangled “Goodbye!” 

“See you again in a few days,” David called cheerily to him as Freddy tried to avoid sprinting away.


The moment Freddy was back in his own house, he slammed the door behind him and exhaled a heavy sigh.


Here was his home – his hideaway. No one would ever pass through these doors, save for himself, unless the sign on the shop front was turned the right way around. And, at the moment, the ‘Open’ face of the sign was facing inwards, hidden from the world just as the shop’s owner was.

Freddy set down the bags of flour just behind the counter of the shop before sinking into his favourite chair. He was overwhelmed with a rush of embarrassment – both for how he’d acted in front of David, and for how much he struggled with the basic task of fetching baking supplies from the market. If anything, it seemed to get more and more difficult with each passing day. If his pastry shop were more financially successful, he often thought, he could hire an assistant to go to market and allow Freddy to stay in the comfort of his own home all day long. Freddy sighed as he dismissed the thought yet again; it was a dangerous road to go down, even for one as socially-anxious as himself. He hadn’t travelled all the way from his former home just to become a recluse, after all.

David’s face flashed in front of his mind’s eye once more, this time accompanied with a rush of heat that signalled an emotion other than embarrassment. Freddy gasped slightly as he felt himself rubbing against the fabric of his smallclothes, growing hard at the mere thought of him. This was far from unusual, of course – David’s face, and plenty of others, often popped into Freddy’s head at the most inopportune of times. More than once, he’d had to slip into the back of the shop during open hours just to relieve himself of his desire, before hurriedly washing his hands and cleaning himself off and racing back to the front of the shop before any customers could notice. It was a humiliating inconvenience, and yet one that seemed unlikely to stop occurring.

When was the last time he had so much as touched another man, let alone had sex with one? It felt too long ago to count the days. Work kept him busy during the day, and his own anxious thoughts occupied his time at night. Even now, he had no time to take care of his own physical urges – not when the shop would be opening in a few hours and he’d yet to start baking.

And so, with great reluctance, Freddy lifted himself up out of the chair, wincing as his awkwardly positioned erection pressed tightly against his smalls. He walked stiffly over to the counter, grabbed hold of the flour bags again and carried them into the baking area. He began his usual daily process – pouring some flour into a mixing bowl, before adding a sprinkling of salt and a chunk of butter. Lightly coating his palms and fingers with flour, Freddy began kneading the mixture until it came together in his hands. He continued kneading, adding water every so often to soften the mixture, until it had formed a soft dough. 

As he squeezed the dough, quietly enjoying the sensation against his fingers, an image flashed in his mind’s eye: David the merchant squeezing him in turn, one firm hand cupping Freddy’s chest and rubbing his palm against his nipple. David was naked, his broad shoulders bared, his rich, brown eyes staring with awe and wonder at Freddy’s similarly-nude form.

You look amazing, he whispered.

Freddy shook his head, dismissing the fantasy as he took a pinch of flour in his hand. Moving the bowl to one side, he began laying the flour out across the surface of the counter, sprinkling it until it covered most of the surface. Then, he carefully lifted the dough out of the bowl with both hands, laying it down atop the flour-coated counter. Steadily, he began to knead the dough, rolling it around atop the counter, letting the flour cover it entirely. 

As he tried not to let his mind wander again, Freddy cast a glance upwards and out of the shop’s front window, only to spot a familiar face walking past: a forester from a nearby village, carrying his regular load of timber over one shoulder as he marched towards the marketplace. Freddy had seen him pass by the shop numerous times, and had never failed to notice his bronze skin, his soft, chestnut-brown hair or his handsome, bearded face. From this viewpoint, Freddy could also see the way the muscles in his arms bulged as he hefted the timber, and the way the front of his shirt bulged outwards, tightly hugging the rounded, bulky shape of his torso.

Suddenly, the forester was standing right behind him, his naked form pressed against Freddy’s back, his hard cock sliding between his buttocks, his musk filling Freddy’s senses. The forester growled with desire as he bent Freddy over the counter, hips jerking as his cock pressed against his entrance.

“Take me!” Freddy whispered to the empty room, blinking in surprise as he came to his senses once more. He’d almost flattened the dough when he’d pressed himself down on top of it, and now he had flour sticking to his apron. 

Grumbling with frustration, Freddy tried to focus; he picked up another pinch of flour and let his body work on muscle memory alone. Automatically, his hand began spreading the flour out again, forming patterns on the counter’s surface. He kneaded the dough in the centre of the patterns, barely even thinking about what he was doing as he did it. He took hold of a bread knife and carved a cross shape in the ball of dough – or at least, he’d intended to. But as he held the knife, he couldn’t stop his thoughts from returning to the two men he’d pictured with him. David kissed him passionately as the forester took Freddy from behind, pounding their bodies together relentlessly. In his fantasy, Freddy’s cries of ecstasy were swallowed up by David’s soft lips, his cock firmly gripped in the merchant’s hands as he expertly worked him closer to the brink.

“Yes!” Freddy breathed. “Oh, yes…!”

His hand was moving the knife erratically, his whole arm suddenly feeling as though it were on fire. Freddy felt sweat trickling down his back as his overwhelming lust gripped him, moaning aloud with desire as wicked thoughts flashed in his mind’s eye. But his moan turned into a startled yelp as a blast of heat came surging from the table, swiftly followed by a cloud of black smoke. 

Freddy staggered back in shock, watching the smoke billow out of the tabletop as though a chimney had popped into existence just beneath it. A sharp, acrid smell of fire filled the room, and Freddy felt tears springing to his eyes as he coughed and spluttered. But, just as suddenly as the smoke had appeared, it cleared away, dispersing and vanishing into thin air. And now, there was someone sitting on top of the table where the smoke had emerged from.

Freddy’s mouth fell open as he took in the figure’s appearance – it was a tall man with skin the crimson colour of blood, whose body bulged with muscle and sinew. His head was lowered, but Freddy couldn’t have missed the twin horns that sprouted from the top of his skull, curling like a ram’s down to his ears. The man was totally naked – a fact that made Freddy’s mouth suddenly feel very dry as he took in the chiselled shape of the man’s torso – and his modesty was preserved only thanks to the way his legs were positioned. But when he raised his head to meet Freddy’s gaze and grinned, showing off his sharp teeth and his orange eyes with catlike pupils, the man’s legs spread apart and gave Freddy a good long look at everything he’d been unable to see previously.

“How may I be of service?” the man asked, his voice crackling like an open fire.

Freddy’s mouth opened and closed repeatedly in the manner of a bewildered fish. The horned man only seemed to find this amusing, for his grin widened further.

“Ahh, I see. Well, I understand – it can be surprising to come face to face with a demon. Especially when it’s your first time summoning.”

Freddy heard his heart pounding in his ears. “S-Summoning?!”

“Yes. It was you who summoned me here, isn’t that right?”

Freddy shook his head, fear causing him to tremble and shake.

“Odd.” The demon folded his arms and frowned. “Then who could have…? Let’s see…”

The demon dropped down off the table, his bare feet slapping against the floor, before he turned around to inspect the table he’d been sitting on, leaning over it in the process. Freddy was given a perfect, mouth-watering view of the demon’s naked buttocks, perfectly rounded and taut with muscle, above his broad thighs. The demon’s ass was dusted lightly with the flour that had been left on the table, and not for the first time that morning, Freddy felt his breeches contract as he swiftly grew hard beneath them. But even more eye-catching was the tail that sprouted from the demon’s lower back, long and thin like a cat’s, but hairless and with a pointed tip. It swished this way and that as though it had a mind of its own. So caught up was he in admiring the demon’s body that Freddy jumped slightly when he cried out.

“Aha! Come here and look at this!”

Freddy edged nervously over to the demon’s side. This close to him, Freddy could feel the heat radiating from the demon’s body, as though fire ran through his veins in place of blood. The demon was pointing a long, slender finger towards a small, black lump that sat atop the table, the surface of which was now charred and ashen, with wisps of smoke still drifting up from the remains of the scattered flour. The lump smelled like burnt bread, and Freddy blinked in surprise as he took in the strange symbol that had been carved into it.

“What is this, exactly?” the demon asked.

“It’s…I think it’s dough.”

The demon raised a thin, black eyebrow at him. “Dough?”

“For baking. I was kneading dough on my table when suddenly there was a puff of smoke, and then…you appeared.”

“Then you carved this symbol?”

Freddy frowned. “N-No. That is, I don’t…”

He thought back to the moments before the smoke had appeared, which were curiously hazy. He had been holding the knife in his hand, making the traditional cross shape in the dough. But his thoughts had gotten distracted from the task at hand, and the knife in his hand had seemingly carved a different shape than what he’d intended.

“I think I did. But, I didn’t realise what I was doing!” Freddy added hurriedly. “I couldn’t have…I wouldn’t…”

But the demon was smiling and nodding as though everything made sense. “I think I understand. When you were kneading this dough, were you thinking any lustful thoughts?”

Freddy’s cheeks flushed, and his awkward stammering provided all the answers the demon needed.

“Of course.” The demon jerked his head towards the blackened dough. “This is the demonic symbol for ‘lust’. You carved it on the dough yourself without thinking about it because you subconsciously wanted to summon an incubus – a sex demon.” He beamed proudly. “That’s me, by the way.”

“I…what?!” Freddy cried.

“Honestly, I’m a bit impressed. It takes most people a lot of time and practise to be able to craft proper summoning sigils, but you did it without even realising it. Look here–”

The demon gestured to the cinders and flour that were scattered around the table, and Freddy blinked as he noticed – as he hadn’t before – how the flour formed intricate shapes and patterns, spiralling and circling around the dough in the centre of the tabletop. The pattern had been smudged, however, by the demon sitting on them, and the rough outline of two well-muscled buttocks had been imprinted into the flour.

“These are summoning sigils,” the demon explained, “although I’ve never seen anyone make them using dough and flour before.” He chuckled. “Not that it’s impossible, of course: anything would do. I’ve seen summoning sigils crafted from ink, blood, small stones, living bodies, dust, pieces of straw and hay… Are you feeling alright?”

Freddy was staggering backwards, moving numbly away from the table which he had, apparently, used to summon a demon in his own home. The back of his knees hit a small, wooden chair, which he slumped into automatically.

“This can’t be real,” he mumbled. “I…I…”

The demon’s brows lifted in an expression of concern, and he crossed the room to join Freddy. “No, no, no, it’s alright. These things happen, sometimes. You’ve probably got some sort of magic in your bloodline – were any of your ancestors or relatives mages? Did you ever hear spooky stories of demon summoning from your family members?”

Freddy coiled away from the demon as he drew near. “Please, don’t take my soul!”

The demon stopped short where he was, grimacing. “What? Oh, no, no – I wouldn’t do that! I couldn’t do that!” He paused. “Well, not unless you wanted me to. But, you clearly don’t, so…”

Freddy stared warily at him through narrowed eyes. “Then, why are you here?”

The demon jerked a thumb over his shoulder, indicating the scorched table behind him. “Didn’t I tell you? I’m an incubus, and you summoned me here because you were having some lurid thoughts and needed me to help you out.” The demon pulled over a chair and sat down on it, facing Freddy and smiling pleasantly. “Now – what’s the problem, exactly? Fertility problems? Can’t get it up? Can’t get it to go back down again?”

Freddy swallowed nervously. “W-Well…” He sighed. “Sorry, I can’t get past this. You’re a demon, and you’re sitting here in my house, trying to get me to open up about my sex life? As if I even had one in the first place!”

Freddy’s jaw clenched as he cursed himself silently for having given away too much. The demon had tilted his head and was gazing at him curiously, without any pity or disgust.

“You’ve never had sex before?”

Freddy looked away uncomfortably. “I-I have, but…”

“It’s been a while?” the demon finished for him. “Too long for your liking? That’s not anything to be ashamed of, you know.”

Freddy didn’t reply, leading the demon to continue.

“Plenty of people have never had sex even once in their lives. Plenty of others don’t feel any desire to, either. And I’ve seen, in my observations, what human society is like: people have to work tirelessly almost every day just so they can make enough money to feed themselves, or their families. People like you work yourselves to the bone for a few meagre pennies while others reap all the rewards for your hard work. Even I think it’s disgusting, and I literally live in the netherworld.” The demon shook his head grimly. “None of that is exactly conducive to a healthy sex life. For anyone. You’re far from alone in that aspect.”

“I feel alone,” Freddy mumbled, before he could stop himself. “It’s like you said – I work all day in this shop and rarely find myself able to meet people, even just to talk, let alone have sex with.”

“So, it’s companionship you want, rather than just sex?”

“Both would be nice,” Freddy said quietly, earning another chuckle from the demon.

“That’s very understandable.” The demon smiled warmly at him. “I just realised – I never even introduced myself, after I so rudely tore through the dimensional barrier between your home and mine. My name is Zarel. Can I ask yours?”


“Well, it’s lovely to meet you, Freddy. Now, I’ll explain how all of this works; since you summoned me here, accidentally or otherwise, I am bound to you – or rather, to your home. I can’t leave here, physically or spiritually, until you send me away. You can do that whenever you wish, and you’ll have to summon me again if you want me to come back.”

“How do I send you away?”

“Just say ‘I banish you, Zarel.’ If you ever decide you don’t want me around anymore, I’ll understand completely, and there’ll be no hard feelings. Is that clear?”

Freddy nodded.

“Good. So, as an incubus, I feed off of sexual desire and pleasure. Now that I am bound to you, for the time being, any desires you have will be experienced by me, and any pleasure you experience will be fed upon by me. This nourishes me and extends my already-considerable lifespan, and doesn’t harm you in the slightest. In return for you nourishing me, I will grant you whatever you desire – to the best of my ability, of course.”

“To the best of your ability?”

“Yes, well, there are certain limitations. I can’t make anyone feel attracted towards you, although I can amplify and stimulate attraction that already exists. In short, I can’t make anyone want to fuck you who didn’t already want to.”

“I’m not sure how much that would help. I doubt there’s anyone in this entire city who’d want to have sex with me.”

Zarel grinned. “Besides me, that is?”

Freddy flushed scarlet at the thoughts that rushed through his head at the demon’s words. “Don’t tease me like that.”

“I’m not. In fact, I actually can’t lie to you or be dishonest while I’m bound to you. And as for the rest of the city, I wouldn’t worry too much – there’s always someone out there who finds you attractive.”

“My problem is…” Freddy shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “I’m too shy. Too nervous, or maybe ‘anxious’ would be a better word. I’ve never been very good at convincing people to sleep with me, and honestly, I feel like I’m getting even worse as time goes on.”

Zarel nodded, frowning slightly as though thinking hard. “Of course. So, it’s more of a mental stumbling block than a physical one.”

Freddy cast a glance down at his body, which – even beneath his apron and clothes – seemed to bulge awkwardly. His hips were too wide, his belly was too round, his cheeks too plump, and his chest too saggy. 

“I wouldn’t say there isn’t a physical stumbling block, either…”

The demon pursed his lips. “You consider yourself unattractive?”

“To say the least. I’m not exactly what most people would consider sexually appealing.”

“Then most people are dead wrong,” Zarel told him firmly. “There’s nothing unappealing about your body or anyone else’s.”

“That’s easy for you to say,” Freddy shot back. “You’ve got the kind of body nobody would ever criticise.”

“I look like this only because that’s how you wanted me to appear.”

Freddy blinked. “Is that true?”

“I can’t lie, remember?” Zarel blew air out through his nose. “Demons don’t have a fixed physical shape the way humans do; I take whatever form my summoner finds most attractive – plus the usual horns and tail, etcetera. Of course, I usually end up looking like this because humans have a highly limited idea of what constitutes an attractive body.” His jaw clamped shut, evidently cutting himself off from a rant that was likely to continue. “The point is, this ‘physical’ stumbling block is certainly more mental than you think. And I have a way I can help with that.”

“You do?”

“I do. But it’ll involve making our bond a bit more personal, shall we say.”

Freddy frowned at him. “What do you mean?”

“It will involve the two of us joining together – well, more accurately, I would join with you.”

“You’re talking about possession,” Freddy realised.

“Not exactly. I won’t have any control, directly, over what you do or the decisions you make. Your choices will still be entirely your own. But you’d be without all your hang-ups and inhibitions, and I can bypass all of the insecurities that hold you back. In short, you’d still be you, but with all of my added charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent.”

Freddy folded his arms over his chest. “It sounds too good to be true.”

“I’ve already told you what I get out of this deal – your pleasure will sustain me. And the banishment rule still applies, too.” Zarel folded up his legs, tucking them underneath him as he sat on the chair, and Freddy tried his best not to look at all the exposed parts of the demon’s body. “I won’t force you into this, but since I can’t lie to you, I will say that I strongly feel this is your best option. I’ll be able to help you most successfully in this manner.”

Freddy swallowed nervously. “I…I’m not sure. How do I know you’re not, well, lying about not being able to lie?”

Zarel grimaced. “I’ll show you.” He took a deep breath, before saying, “The sky is most definitely not blu–!”

Before he could even finish the sentence, Zarel bared his teeth in a snarl as swirls of glowing purple runes and glyphs danced over his skin, sparking and hissing with magical energy. Freddy recognised them as being similar to the ones that he had marked with the flour earlier. Each spark of the runes made Zarel’s body jerk with pain. Freddy was about to cry out in horror, only for the runes to fade away and disappear just as soon as they had appeared.

Zarel gasped, breathing hard as the pain faded away. “That’s what happens whenever I try to lie to you. Those runes are what bind me to you and this realm – they’re a part of our compact as summoner and demon. Being dishonest with you is a violation of that compact, and so the runes activate and cause me severe pain. Some demons rather enjoy it. I do not.”

“Please don’t do that again.”

“I don’t plan to,” Zarel said with a smile, and suddenly he was back to his old self. “Now, have I convinced you? Or would you rather we remain separate?”

Freddy screwed his eyes shut for a moment in thought, but in truth, it wasn’t a particularly difficult decision to make. Facts were facts – Freddy was desperate. And if fusing with a demonic entity was what it took to solve his problems, then he had no other choice.

“I’ll do it,” Freddy said. “I’ll let you join with me.”

Zarel beamed proudly. “Excellent! Then we have an agreement. We will be joined together in a ritual, and our joining will end when one or both of us decides we no longer wish to be together. When that happens, I will reappear here, as I am now.”

“Good, then…” Freddy blinked. “Sorry, but what sort of ‘ritual’ did you mean?”

Zarel’s delighted smile turned into a lascivious grin. “Oh, trust me, it’s a ritual you’ll deeply enjoy. Firstly, though, have you any candles? We’re going to need plenty…”


Freddy waited outside his bedroom, shuffling nervously from foot to foot. Zarel had convinced him to close the shop for the day, which Freddy had reluctantly agreed to, and the demon was now setting up the joining ritual in Freddy’s room. He’d warned Freddy not to set foot inside the room until he called him in, and he was starting to get a bit anxious when faced with the prospect of a demon moving his room around unsupervised – especially with so many candles in there. But, before too long, Freddy heard his name being called in a familiar voice. He took a deep breath, and pushed open the door.

A wave of incense and perfume hit him like a physical blow as Freddy stepped into his bedroom. He swept his gaze over the interior, taking in how the furniture had been moved around slightly, pulled away from the bed, which now sat in the exact centre of the room. Zarel had taken every candle in the house and had set them up in a circle around the bed, perched high and low on the various furniture, each one gleaming brightly with flame. As for Zarel himself, he was splayed out on the bed, lying face-up, with one hand resting behind his head and the other gripping his cock, which was fully hard and standing upright from the rest of his body. The closer Freddy got as he stepped into the room, the more he realised just how massive the demon’s member really was: while soft, it had been as big as the largest Freddy had ever seen, but now it was far bigger again. Zarel’s balls were bigger than the chicken eggs Freddy used for baking, and they rested between the demon’s firm thighs, moving slightly in time with his stroking.

“Like what you see?” Zarel asked, and Freddy nodded shakily. “I had a feeling you would. It’s all thanks to you, of course – I hardly ever grow to this size, so I’m pretty impressed myself. You must really enjoy taking it.”

Freddy swallowed the saliva pooling in his mouth. “I…I’ve never taken one as big as that.”

“It won’t be a problem,” Zarel assured him. “You’ve got the oil?”

Freddy held up the bottle of olive oil in answer to the demon’s question.

“Perfect. Pass it over this way.”

Freddy sat on the edge of the bed and handed the bottle to Zarel, who uncorked it and poured some of the liquid into his hand, which he then began to rub into his cock, slathering his bare flesh with it. Zarel’s teeth sank into his bottom lips as he relished the sensation, hips jerking slightly as he thrust himself into his oil-slicked hands. The sight made Freddy’s mouth water.

“What should I do with my clothes?” he blurted out.

Zarel glanced at him out of the corner of his eye. “What clothes?”

“These–” Freddy reached for the collar of his shirt to emphasise what he’d been referring to, only for his fingers to touch bare skin. He looked down in alarm to discover that all of his clothes had vanished, leaving him utterly naked, his cock throbbing proudly between his bulging thighs. “How…where…?”

“You won’t be needing them,” Zarel informed him, “so I’ve magicked them away. You’ll be able to get them back later, if you wish. Now, come here…”

Zarel sat up in the bed, his hands reached out to Freddy as though asking for a hug, and Freddy stepped tentatively towards the bed, climbing onto the sheets to join him. The moment Zarel’s hands brushed against his body, Freddy let out a soft sigh, which trailed into a groan of desire as Zarel pulled him into his arms. How long had it been since he’d even been touched like this? Too long, Freddy decided, as he brought his own arms up to wrap around Zarel’s back in turn. The two of them sat there for a few moments, bodies entwined, staring deeply into each other’s eyes. The heat that Freddy had felt radiating from the demon’s body previously was inescapable, now, and it put him more in mind of a roaring hearth or a blazing summer’s day than a fiery pit.

“I’d like to kiss you,” Zarel whispered, his voice alone enough to send shivers of desire racing through Freddy.

“Please do,” Freddy blurted out at once, making a delighted grin spread its way across Zarel’s demonic visage.

Zarel’s hands pressed hard against Freddy’s back, shoving him in close against him, their faces suddenly inches apart. Zarel slowly began to close the distance, only for Freddy to meet him halfway – too eager to wait any longer. Freddy crushed his mouth against Zarel’s, with the demon evidently being more than happy to respond in kind. Freddy felt fingers sinking into his soft flesh, and he hummed into Zarel’s mouth at the sweet sensation.

Tension seeped out of Freddy’s body, and he felt himself slowly tilting backwards towards the bed, Zarel moving with him. Eventually, the two of them tipped over, still joined at the lips, until Freddy was lying on the bed with Zarel on top of him. Freddy’s hands trailed down the length of the demon’s back, winding around his tail until they reached his backside, where they clung to the smooth skin and his fingers squeezed tight, savouring the feel of the firm muscle beneath. A pleased grunt from Zarel made Freddy squeeze harder, drawing a chuckle from the demon.

“Sorry,” Freddy mumbled automatically, only for Zarel to shake his head.

“Oh, don’t apologise. This is what they’re there for.”

Freddy’s hands ran over the rounded flesh of Zarel’s ass, encouraged by the mischievous whisperings in his ear, feeling the sculpted shape of his buttocks by cupping a cheek in each hand. It was completely different from the soft, wide shape of Freddy’s own ass. Of course, it was because of Freddy’s inner desires that Zarel’s body looked and felt the way it did. For the first time, Freddy couldn’t help but wonder why was it that the type of body he desired most was so different from his own?

Zarel tensed his muscles as he ground against Freddy’s body, and his buttocks grew tighter under Freddy’s hands, temporarily driving all non-lustful thoughts out of Freddy’s head. He gasped as he felt the demon’s lengthy cock brushing against his body, feeling even larger than it had appeared. Freddy’s hips bucked reflexively upwards, the urge to join their bodies together almost overpowering him.

Zarel could tell, too, for he chuckled again and said, “You really want me to fuck you, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Freddy whimpered.

“Already? And I was planning on dragging this ritual out for as long as possible.” Zarel’s words were slow and deliberate, dripping with warm promises. “I don’t have to fuck you to make you scream, you know.”

Freddy pictured the two of them whiling away the hours between the sheets, bodies entwined and slick with sweat, pleasure making them both dizzy. “I-I’m not sure I could handle that,” he said, trembling slightly at the thought.

Zarel huffed air through his nose in what was almost a laugh, before planting a gentle peck on Freddy’s lips. “Very well, so. Roll over for me.”

Freddy followed Zarel’s directions, lying down on his front, shivering slightly as the sensitive underside of his cock rubbed against the soft sheets. Zarel took hold of Freddy’s hips and lifted them until his ass was presenting upwards, Zarel’s knees sinking into the bed as he propped himself up on them. Zarel reached for something outside of Freddy’s field of vision, and he soon heard the sound of a bottle being uncapped.

“I’m going to coat your hole with this oil,” Zarel announced. “Is that alright?”

Freddy nodded, and he gasped as he felt a warm finger, dripping with oil, press against his entrance. Zarel was incredibly gentle, and Freddy had to suppress his body from squirming involuntarily as Zarel teased his hole, that solitary finger tracing circles around the entrance, moistening it effortlessly. Freddy bit his lip to avoid letting out a whimper as the finger sank inside him, working its way in, before sliding back out again. In and out, in and out. Freddy gasped as he felt another finger slip inside him, working him loose, easing his hole open. This continued for some time, Zarel displaying incredible patience as he slowly but steadily worked Freddy open. 

At long last, Zarel’s finger slid out of him, and Freddy gasped as he felt something decidedly warm, thick, and coated with oil press against his entrance. There was an ache – a sting of momentary pain as Freddy felt himself open up to allow Zarel access – but it was a far duller sensation that he’d been expecting. Freddy’s jaw dropped as Zarel sank deep inside him, deeper than he’d thought possible, and then deeper again. All the while, Freddy could feel his body easing itself open as though it were as natural as breathing. A quiet grunt escaped through Zarel’s nose as his movement came to a slow stop, his hips pressing against Freddy’s ass, having somehow managed to fit his entire length inside.

“H-How…?” Freddy stammered, only to feel a warm hand grip his jaw and close his mouth for him.

“Don’t worry about it,” Zarel breathed in a voice so calming it made Freddy’s arms and legs quiver. “I’m an incubus, remember? These things come easier to me. Just relax. You’re already doing so well…”

Freddy felt a pair of knees pushing against his own, urging his legs further apart, and he eagerly obliged, his back arching obediently and pushing his ass closer towards Zarel, who cooed as though impressed.

“You do enjoy taking it, don’t you?” A warm set of hands trailed themselves down the length of Freddy’s body, settling at his hips and squeezing them tight. “Hope you’re ready for me.”

“Fuck me,” Freddy blurted out, the words falling free like a desperate prayer. He heard Zarel chuckle, followed by the achingly sweet sensation of the demon’s massive cock sliding out of him before driving itself back in, the clap of flesh against flesh resounding through the room.

“You feel absolutely amazing,” Zarel told him, and Freddy felt a firm hand rubbing one of his asscheeks with something akin to fondness. “You’re so hot.”

Whatever response Freddy might have given to this lovely set of compliments was driven out of him in a ragged gasp as Zarel slammed into him again, a low grunt seeping out of the demon like air through a bellows. The sharp thrust was swiftly followed by another, and then another, building up a slow rhythm. Freddy felt himself being knocked steadily back-and-forth by the impact of Zarel’s body against his, loud moans escaping from his mouth as all inhibitions were tossed aside. 

Freddy pressed the side of his face into the bed, fingers twisting to take hold of the sheet in his hands, clinging hard to the fabric as Zarel’s movements picked up speed. Freddy felt one arm grip his shoulder, the other still holding tight to his hip as Zarel steadied him, pulling Freddy against him with every thrust. He slammed himself inside Freddy, tempo increasing all the while, the small bedroom becoming filled with a noise that sounded much like enthusiastic applause, underscored by two voices moaning in pleasure. Freddy’s mouth hung numbly open as groan after groan came spilling out, feeling too good to speak. Zarel’s cock felt impossibly huge inside him and yet he still wanted more. 

But, before too long, Zarel’s movements stopped, and he pulled himself out of Freddy’s hole. The sense of loss was immediate, and the pleasure that had been building inside of Freddy began to wane, making him let out a keening whine of frustration.

“Oh, don’t worry.” Zarel seemed amused by Freddy’s disappointment. “I’m not finished with you, yet. Get on your back – I want you to watch me fuck you.”

A thrill of excitement raced through Freddy, and he eagerly did as he was told, flipping over so that he was lying face-up atop the bed. Zarel’s orange eyes devoured Freddy’s figure from head to toe with a look so shameless it made Freddy blush despite the circumstances. Taking hold of one of Freddy’s thighs with each hand, Zarel effortless pushed Freddy’s legs apart and sidled in close. He let go of one thigh momentarily to guide his cock against Freddy’s hole again, and this time, Freddy was able to watch in open-mouthed awe as the demon’s giant member squeezed easily inside. It didn’t seem possible, and Freddy would have doubted it himself had he not witnessed it happen with his own two eyes. Zarel had said that being an incubus meant that these things came easier to him – perhaps it was some sort of supernatural ability that demons of lust possessed? 

But whatever coherent thoughts or musings that flit through Freddy’s head were soon shattered as Zarel began fucking him again – far too shallowly this time, slipping the girthy head of his cock in and out of Freddy’s hole, sending shivers of pleasure racing through him.

“Don’t tease me,” Freddy protested, moving his hips in a desperate attempt to bring Zarel deeper inside him. “Please, just fuck me!”

Zarel obviously enjoyed making Freddy squirm, but even he couldn’t bring himself to disobey so needy a command from his summoner. Zarel’s hands slithered along Freddy’s thighs until they reached his hips again, where they grabbed hold, and he held Freddy’s gaze as he pushed himself deeper into Freddy’s hole. Their jaws sank open in unison as Zarel worked his way inside, until his cock was pressing against the sweet spot deep within, making Freddy’s body lurch involuntarily.


Zarel grinned down at him. “You like that?”

Freddy’s mouth opened and closed soundlessly as he tried to speak, deciding instead to give a hurried nod when words proved beyond him.

Zarel chuckled, snapping his hips forward to hit against the spot again, driving a choked gasp from Freddy. “I can keep doing it, if you want? But I need you to say the word.”

Freddy took a few deep breaths to still himself, before whispering, “Please!”

Zarel’s grin widened, and his hands squeezed Freddy tight as his hips began to move once again. Each thrust sent sparks of pleasure racing through Freddy’s body, making him whimper as though in pain. The bed rocked beneath them as their tempo increased, the room filling with noise again. Candlelight sent numerous shadows of their entwined bodies twisting across the walls and ceiling, flames dancing all around them. Zarel seemed to tower over Freddy, his broad chest filling Freddy’s vision, the demon’s shoulders rising and falling as his body moved back and forth. Sweat trickled down Zarel’s torso, running through the ridges and grooves of muscled, crimson flesh. 

Zarel’s eyes were locked on Freddy’s body, narrow pupils widening as they drank him in, looking at him as though he were the most beautiful thing they had ever seen. How long had it been since Freddy had been looked at like this? He couldn’t remember.

The feeling of sweet, delicious heat began to swell inside Freddy as Zarel fucked him harder and faster than ever, and he knew that he was getting close to the finish. Freddy panted hard as he fought for control, but the building pleasure inside him fought back with every delicious jerk of Zarel’s hips. When he could hold back no longer, Freddy reached down and took hold of himself with one hand, the sensation of his hand making contact with his cock alone enough to make him sob. Freddy stroked frantically, moans taking on a new pitch as the pleasure ignited into a blazing fire. 

But something strange was happening to Zarel. His red skin was turning translucent, and for the first time, Freddy could see the fire running through the demon’s veins, lighting up beneath his skin in numerous criss-crossing patterns. It might have been frightening, had it not been so beautiful. Zarel glowed with light as the two of them surged, his own groans of pleasure mingling with Freddy’s heated moans.

“Come for me,” Zarel ordered, his grimace of exertion twisting into a thrilled grin as he evidently neared his own climax.

Freddy was helpless to disobey. He threw his head back and shouted in ecstasy as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through him, hot seed spurting from his cock and splashing onto his belly. But all the while, even as his vision blurred, he maintained eye contact with Zarel, whose expression was twisting with rapture as his own climax began.

“Ahh!” the demon cried, lacing his fingers behind his head as his body filled with light. “Ahh, yes…!”

And then the room plunged into darkness and Freddy was alone, writhing atop the bed as the aftershocks of two combined orgasms coursed through him. His hips bucked wildly, legs spasming uncontrollably now that there was no longer anything holding them still, his whole body singing with pleasure. His hands slid over his chest as it heaved, kneading himself as though desperately searching for a grip. Freddy’s lustful moans filled the now dark and otherwise-silent room, a hint of smoke wafting his way – likely from the candles that had extinguished when Zarel had disappeared.

But, no, that wasn’t right. As Freddy’s senses gradually drifted back to him, he realised he knew exactly where Zarel had gone to. After all, how else could he have experienced the pleasure of two climaxes at once? The demon had done exactly as he had promised, and joined himself with Freddy. He could feel Zarel’s presence deep within, as though he had just downed a warm cup of tea. Freddy held his hands in front of his face, marvelling at how they were no longer a dark shade of crimson, and then wondering when they had ever been so in the first place.

Freddy sat up in the bed, trying to sort out where he ended and Zarel began – something that proved to be more difficult than he’d expected. What were the basics? His name was Frederick. He worked as a pastry chef in the coastal city of Wynderling. He’d been born several centuries ago, and his parents’ names were Aslael, the Dark Lady of Thorns, and Morganokra, She Who Dwells in the Frozen Depths and Speaks of a Thousand Terrible Truths with Her Tongue of Carrion.

Freddy shook his head in a vain attempt to straighten his thoughts. It was no use, of course – a fact which he already knew, thanks to Zarel. The ritual had merged them together as one being, and they would only become separate once again when one or both of them no longer wished to stay united. 

Freddy sighed, lifting himself up off the bed and plodding over to the window on shaky legs, removing the shutters to allow sunlight to stream in once again. He opened the window in an effort to let some fresh air waft in and wash away the smell of smoke, perfume, and sex, taking a moment to look out across the rooftops. His humble pastry shop was hardly the tallest of buildings, but his bedroom window nonetheless offered a moderately-pleasant view out over the city streets, all the way to the market – and beyond, if the weather was nice.

Freddy turned away from the window and began to cross the room, only to stop short when he spotted himself in the mirror.

The mirror had been there for as long as Freddy had lived in the building – likely the previous owner had left it behind when moving away. He’d never been able to bring himself to get rid of the thing, not even on his worst days when he could barely look at his own reflection without being overwhelmed by negative, bitter thoughts. But now, standing there naked in the middle of his room, Freddy found he couldn’t look away.

Had his hair always been so soft and luscious? Had it always framed his perfectly-rounded face just so? Had his eyes always been so bright and cute, his lips so soft and kissable? He’d always know his thighs and waist to be wide, his tummy round and his nipples large, but looking at them all now cast them in a totally new light. He had heard of paintings and sculptures that one needed to look at from a certain angle – or in a particular light, or from a distance – in order to appreciate their beauty. Maybe this was something similar?

It had to be Zarel’s influence, Freddy knew. Was this how the demon had seen him? He remembered the way Zarel had looked at him – as though he was gorgeous. As though he was alluring. Seeing himself now in the mirror, Freddy couldn’t believe that he found himself agreeing with the demon’s assessment. Freddy felt his mouth begin to water, gut churning with the beginnings of arousal.

Freddy cupped his chest with one hand and, finding he enjoyed the sensation, squeezed himself tight. A grunt escaped him as he kneaded his own body, bringing up his other hand to rub against his belly, delicately smoothing over the soft skin, then travelling down past his waist. His cock was already beginning to grow hard again – so soon after he had spent himself? Perhaps that was down to Zarel’s influence, too, Freddy thought, as he took hold of himself by the shaft, feeling it thicken against his fingers. Slowly, deliberately, he began to stroke, eyes trailing down the reflection of his naked body in the mirror, drinking in every detail. He rubbed the heel of his palm against his nipple, relishing the way it hardened against his touch. Freddy had pleasured himself with his own two hands far more times than he’d cared to count, but this was something different entirely. 

Freddy’s feet sidled apart on the floor as he widened his stance slightly, letting go of his cock to bring his hand up to his mouth. He dragged his tongue along the flesh of his palm and fingers until they were slick with saliva, before lowering it back to his flesh again. Freddy groaned quietly as tingles of pleasure rippled through him from where his hand made contact with the sensitive flesh of his cock, fingers slipping and sliding over the head. His hips began to rock back and forth, driving his cock through his hand, the sensation so pleasurable that it made Freddy tremble. And all the while, he never took his eyes off of the reflection in the mirror.

I’m glad I closed the shop for the day, Freddy thought, as he gave himself over to pleasure once more.


It was the early hours of the evening by the time Freddy returned to the market again, and the setting sun was casting long, dark shadows over the stalls as their owners closed down their various shops. One such owner was David, who was just putting away his things when he saw Freddy approach, and straightened with a look of surprise.

“Frederick? Goodness, I never see you out here at this hour! What can I help you with? I’ve just closed shop for the evening, but I’ve got plenty of flour left if you need it…?”

Freddy smiled and shook his head. “Actually, I didn’t come here for flour, although I appreciate the offer. I’m here for you, David.”

David blinked. “Oh? I hope I haven’t given you any expired goods by mistake? Or is there a problem with–?”

“David,” Freddy cut in, “nothing is wrong, I promise. I have no complaints with your services or the products you’ve given me. Quite the opposite, in fact.”

Freddy saw the tension seep from David’s shoulders just as soon as it had appeared. “Well, that’s good, at least. Then, what is it you wish of me?”

Freddy considered his next few words carefully. He’d never so brazenly approached somebody like this with the intention of propositioning them, or indeed anything of the sort. He could feel Zarel spurring him on, the demon’s presence like hot whiskey burbling away in his belly. 

“We’ve known each other for a while,” Freddy said, “and you’ve been of great help to me since I started working here. But I realised today that I really don’t know you very well. We never speak outside of our daily meetings.”

David folded his arms over his broad chest. “I suppose that’s true.”

“So, I was hoping we could get to know each other a little better. Perhaps you’d like to come back to the shop and I’ll treat you to some sweet cake? On the house, of course.”

David’s eyes lit up momentarily, only for the excitement to drain away just as quickly. “I’d love to, Frederick, but I have to finish closing up shop. And after that, I’ve to bring everything back to my place for storing until the morning.”

Not even Zanel’s bolstering of his courage was enough to stop Freddy’s heart from sinking. He was about to suggest another time, only for David to cut in ahead of him.

“Of course, that will only take a little while. If you’re alright with waiting for me, I can come over later?”

Freddy nodded quickly, trying and failing to hide his eagerness. “Yes! Absolutely, that’s fine!”

David’s face split into an adorable grin that made Freddy’s heart soar back up from where it had sunk moments prior. “Great! Then, let’s go.”

Freddy followed David all the way back to the merchant’s home – a humble house some distance from the marketplace – and patiently waited while David sorted out his various odds and ends. David kept chatting away to him all the while, proving to be talkative enough for both of them (or all three, as it were). Freddy learned all about David’s family – how his parents ran the farm where he sourced his goods from, and how he’d decided as a boy that the farmer’s life wasn’t for him, leading him to move to the city and work as a merchant instead, selling his family’s products. David was the youngest child of seven, having six older sisters who were all (as he assured Freddy) built like oxen and were more than capable of working the farm between them. By the time the two of them set off for the pastry shop, Freddy had learned the names of every single animal on the farm, as well as the names of every pet David had ever had. Inevitably, however, the topic of conversation switched.

“But, enough about me,” David enthused, as the two of them wandered past the relatively-fewer stalls that were setting up for the night, “I want to hear more about you. You know, I’ve walked past your premises so many times I’ve lost count, but I haven’t ever found the time to set foot indoors. I hear the most lovely stories about your pastries, Frederick.”

“Ah, it’s ‘Freddy’.”


“My friends call me ‘Freddy’,” he explained, ignoring the fact that he could probably count his friends on one hand, and none of them were close to his own age. Most of them were really just acquaintances who’d become regular customers, in truth.

David cocked his head at Freddy, blond locks of hair bobbing against his face. “And we’re friends, you and I?”

“I hope so.”

“Freddy it is, then,” David decided, and Freddy glanced away to hide the way his cheeks flushed. “Well, Freddy, I’m dying to hear more about you. Are you from Wynderling originally?”

“No, I moved here after leaving my family home.”

“And whereabouts might that be?”

Freddy had to bite his tongue for a moment to hold back the response that came automatically – the depths of the netherworld. Instead, he sifted through the memories that he knew were exclusively his own. “Ah…Axefield.”

David’s brows shot up in amazement. “In Grotenheim? Across the Slumbering Sea? Goodness, you’re a long way from home. Why come all this way to be a pastry chef?”

“Well, my parents weren’t exactly encouraging of my chosen career path,” Freddy explained, finding it easier by the second to remember his past. Perhaps he was getting used to his fusion with Zarel at last? “They’re typical Grotenheim stock, you know. Warriors, not culinarians.”

David hummed, and Freddy flushed again as he felt David’s eyes roving over him. “That would explain your physique. Good, strong warrior build, you know? Stocky.”

Freddy spluttered.

“So, you moved away from your family to pursue a different life,” David went on. “Looks as though we’re a lot alike, after all! Although I don’t know if I could ever cross the sea just to get away from my home,” he added, his tone one of awe and wonder.

Even with Zarel’s help, there was only so much that could be done to counteract Freddy’s introverted nature, and he found himself floundering. David seemed to realise he had touched on a sensitive subject, for he drew back from Freddy slightly and averted his eyes.

“Forgive me for prying,” David began, only for Freddy to shake his head.

“It’s not a problem. I…honestly, I don’t get the chance to talk much with other people about, well, my background.” Or anything, really, he added internally. “It’s refreshing, but I’m not exactly used to it.”

By now, the two of them had reached the shop, and Freddy withdrew his front-door key from his pocket, stuck it in the lock and tugged the door open, urging David to enter first with a flamboyant gesture that made his new friend laugh as he stepped indoors, Freddy following behind him. He heard David taking a deep breath in through his nose, releasing it in a blissful sigh that made Freddy’s mouth go dry.

“It smells incredible in here!” David enthused, turning in a circle as his eyes wandered excitedly over the shop interior. “What a cosy little place! You must love it here.”

It wasn’t inaccurate, Freddy supposed. He loved baking, loved watching his customer’s faces light up as they sunk their teeth into one of his pastries or pies, loved being surrounded by the smell of flour and fresh-baked bread every day. His was a job that brought joy and satisfaction to many – what wasn’t there to love?

“I do,” Freddy said aloud. “But, it can get very lonely sometimes.”

David’s expression turned a shade more sombre, eyes settling back on Freddy again. “Oh?”

“I have customers every day, but they don’t offer much in the way of companionship. And when I’m not busy working, I spend most of my time all by myself.”

“Why is that?” David asked.

“I…” Freddy swallowed. “I don’t do well with crowds. Or strangers. Or most arenas of social interaction, really.”

“You could have fooled me,” David remarked. “What with the way you waltzed up to me today and talked me into coming back to your place.”

Freddy smiled weakly, unwilling to mention that the only reason he’d been capable of such an act was the fact that there was currently a demon of lust dwelling inside him.

“Some days are easier than other days,” Freddy said. “No matter how anxious I get, I still need-” He faltered, but David hadn’t failed to miss where Freddy’s words had been leading. He cocked an eyebrow at Freddy, who felt his face heat up for the umpteenth time that day.

“Need what?” David prompted.

Freddy inhaled, bracing himself. “I still need company.”

A smile tugged at one David’s mouth, forming an expression quite different from the usual bright grin Freddy was used to seeing on the merchant’s face. This one burned – not brightly, but warmly – and the way David’s eyes bored into Freddy’s made his stomach flip. They took a step closer towards each other.

“Well, then,” David murmured as he approached, “is there anything I could do to make you feel less lonely?”

Freddy swallowed a fresh wave of saliva. “I could think of a few things.” He held out a hand in invitation, eyes flickering meaningfully to the door that led to the back of the building, where Freddy’s bedroom awaited.

David had evidently caught the look, for his sensual smile widened. He accepted the offered hand, and allowed himself to be led through the door.


Freddy had been very pleasantly surprised to learn earlier that day that the pleasure he experienced while Zanel was joined with him was still far greater than normal, and that the powerful orgasm he’d had during their ritual was not in any way a once-off – given the knee-shaking climaxes Freddy had delivered unto himself over and over in front of his bedroom mirror for most of the afternoon. It seemed that part of Zarel’s fusion with him meant that the pleasure they experienced together was heightened. While this was hardly an unwelcome aspect of their joining by any means, it also meant that Freddy had to relearn the way his own body responded to stimulation. 

Suffice to say, it took scarcely a minute of David’s soft lips on his cock for Freddy to come hard and fast into David’s awaiting mouth, hips bucking wildly as he shouted. He watched through blurring vision as David’s gorgeous eyes fluttered shut, humming in a mixture of surprise and delight as he eagerly swallowed down everything Freddy had to give. Only when Freddy’s head had stopped spinning did David’s mouth release its firm hold on Freddy’s cock with a wet pop in order to flash Freddy with a smile.

“S-Sorry,” Freddy muttered awkwardly. “I would have given a warning, but it all happened so fast, and–”

“Hush,” David said, moving forward to plant a soft kiss on his mouth, the hint of Freddy’s seed lingering on his breath. “Nothing to be sorry for. It’s hardly the first time that’s happened to me,” he added with a chuckle, only to blink in surprise as he felt something pressing against his navel. David pulled away from Freddy, watching in amazement as Freddy’s cock rapidly sprang back to life once more. “So soon? Seems like you’ve got the best of both worlds, Freddy.”

“S-So it does,” Freddy stammered, silently thanking Zarel for his many gifts.

David licked his lips, eyeing Freddy’s cock greedily. “Should I pick up where I left off?” he asked.

“Please,” Freddy said, a groan escaping him as David swooped down to close his lips around his cock once again.

Freddy managed to come another two times before all was said and done – once more in David’s mouth and then again with his cock pressed up against David’s, while Freddy’s hand pumped them both up and down at the same time. Freddy’s legs were wrapped tight around David’s back, squeezing him hard as his thighs tensed, pleasure swelling up inside him in time with David’s soft cries of ecstasy. David’s hands were roaming Freddy’s torso as though desperate to take him all in, his eyes wide and locked with Freddy as pleasure consumed them both. Heat splashed across Freddy’s belly as the two of them found their release as one, cocks pumping together in his grasp, David doubling over as the force of his climax hit him like a physical blow. His hands clutched Freddy, fingers sinking into soft flesh, and Freddy wished the moment could have lasted forever.

“You know,” Freddy murmured, as the two of them were lying entwined atop the bed several minutes later, “I never did get you to try my pastries.”

David giggled, nuzzling his head against Freddy’s chest. “I’d almost forgotten about that. I’m sure it’s not too late for an evening meal?”

Freddy agreed, and the two men crept down to the kitchen without a stitch on while Freddy retrieved the sponge cake he’d baked the previous day – still fresh and still just as delicious as he’d promised David. He watched in amusement and pride as David’s eyes went wide after taking his first bite, a sound almost like a sob escaping from him. 

“Delicious,” he mumbled through a mouthful of cake.

“I told you,” Freddy said, grinning as he swallowed his own slice. “I may not be a master of seduction or flirtation, but I know how to bake a damn good sponge cake.”

David was smiling that brilliant, gorgeous smile that Freddy adored so much as he said, “Well, you’ve certainly seduced me.”


Successfully sleeping with another man for the first time in ages seemed to have as much of a revitalising effect on Freddy as joining with Zarel had. His good mood carried him all through the next few days – and therefore through his next few bouts of intimacy with various gentlemen – as though he had sprouted wings. Even his customers seemed to notice a change.

“My goodness, Freddy,” his elderly neighbour had remarked, as he cheerfully handed her her usual freshly-baked loaf of bread, whistling all the way, “you’re like a man possessed.”

Freddy had simply beamed back at her and said, “No, madame, the only thing possessing me is a newfound zest for life!”

The day after David had spent the night, Freddy brought another man over – the very forester whom he had spied passing by the shop so many times. Freddy had just been closing up the shop for the evening when he’d spotted the familiar bearded fellow with his bulging body and bronze skin, and had rather gracelessly dashed out of the door before calling to the man and coquettishly asking him if he’d like to come inside to try a croissant or two. Much like the previous day’s events, however, they rather forgot about dessert once behind closed doors; less than ten minutes after Freddy had flipped the “Open” sign on his front door to “Closed”, his bedframe was slamming against the wall.

“Don’t stop!” Freddy squeaked, his voice half-muffled by his pillow. “Don’t stop!”

Fortunately, the rugged forester had little intention of doing so, judging by the way his hands squeezed Freddy’s sides tight, and the tempo of his hips clapping against Freddy’s ass only increased, nudging Freddy’s legs further apart with his own. The forester pounded multiple orgasms out of Freddy before succumbing to his own, grumbling with relief into Freddy’s ear, hips slowing down to a steady grinding as he savoured the feeling. Then, after planting a soft peck on Freddy’s cheek, the forester muttered, “Now, how about those croissants?”

Thus, a pattern of sorts began to develop in Freddy’s life: he would spend his days working as per usual (albeit with a new spring in his step), then while away his evenings in throes of ecstasy with various gentlemen callers. And on the occasions when he had no gentlemen callers, Freddy would stroll through the city in search of them – sometimes finding several at once.

David was his most frequent visitor, and had even taken to visiting the pastry shop during the daytime on his days off – not to fuck, but just to see him (although, as Freddy soon discovered, David was far from opposed to sneaking upstairs with him when there were no customers about). On one memorable day, he even brought a friend.

“This is Matthew,” David said, with a nod to the man beside him. “He works on my parents’ farm.”

Matthew grinned at Freddy as he waved in greeting. 

“I’ve heard a lot about you and your famous pastries,” Matthew said. “I’d love to give them a try, if you’ll have me?” His tone of voice, coupled with the hungry look in his eyes, left no doubt in Freddy’s mind as to what his true intentions were.

Freddy’s eyes darted from Matthew to David, and then back again, and then twice more for good measure. “To…share?”

The hungry little smile that Freddy had grown so familiar with as of late reappeared on David’s face. “If that’s what you want?”

It most certainly was what Freddy wanted, and both Matthew and David were more than happy to make his wish come true. The two men lingered around the shop until closing time a short while later, after which all three of them raced upstairs. Matthew, as Freddy found out, had no cock with which to fuck him, but proved perfectly proficient with his fingers instead, ramming his fingertips hard against the spot deep inside Freddy, driving him over the edge with almost casual ease. Freddy could feel Matthew grinning down at him all the while, although his view of said grin was obstructed by David’s backside as he straddled Freddy’s mouth. David squirmed as Freddy tongued his hole, pumping his cock with one hand while holding onto Freddy with the other for balance. 

After that, they swapped places so that David was fucking Freddy while Matthew sat on his face instead. Freddy’s fingers sank into Matthew’s firm backside as he ground against Freddy’s chin, the two of them rocking together from the impact of David’s body crashing against Freddy’s over and over. Matthew proved capable of getting off just as frequently as Freddy, and did so very vocally, to the point that Freddy might have grown concerned as to what his neighbours must think, were his mind currently capable of concerning itself with what lay beyond his bedroom.

“Gods, that’s good!” Matthew hissed in between heaving breaths, voice audible even over David’s moans as his own climax neared. “That’s so good…!”

So good was the time Matthew and David shared with Freddy, in fact, that they agreed to spend the night with him after he casually floated the offer by them. As a result, Freddy spent much of his next day of work with a broad smile on his face, and a slight limp in his walk.

In the space of a fortnight, Freddy had sex with more different people than he had done his entire life up to meeting Zarel. Over the course of the month immediately following his accidental summoning, Freddy’s bed was occupied by merchants, masons, farmers, cobblers, foresters, sailors, blacksmiths, travelling adventurers, butchers, and – on one memorable occasion – a hapless pair of burglars who stole in through the window on their way back to their hideout after a thrilling heist. Freddy insisted they stay the night rather than risk being discovered outdoors, and he made them both very comfortable in the meantime. He was even visited by a rival pastry chef from across town, who begrudgingly admitted that Freddy’s éclairs were ‘somewhat superior’ to his own, before much more eagerly tumbling into bed with him.

It was exactly four weeks to the day since Freddy and Zarel’s joining when Freddy stumbled back into his shop after having paid a visit to as many of his previous gentleman callers as he could manage on his day off, in order to invite them all over for a ‘celebration’ that evening. The visits had been brief, and his intentions had been merely to speak with each of them, but by the time he’d arrived back home, his lips were puffy and red all the same. Humming a ditty to himself, Freddy flounced into the back room of his home, already eagerly anticipating the night that was to come, only to stop short in confusion when he discovered a crimson-skinned demon sitting cross-legged atop Freddy’s favourite chair.

“Finally,” Zarel grumbled in response to his arrival, seemingly unperturbed by Freddy’s shocked stare. “I was beginning to wonder whether you were coming home at all this evening.”

“I…you…!” Freddy’s mouth opened and closed several times as his mind tried and failed to comprehend how the demon had reappeared in his home. “I thought you were…you’re supposed to be…!”

Zanel leaned forward, uncrossing his legs and shamelessly exposing himself much as he had done a month before. “You didn’t notice? I separated myself from you before you left this morning.”

Freddy hadn’t noticed, in fact. He’d grown so accustomed to the warm sensation inside him that he’d come to associate with his demon companion that, when it had vanished, he hadn’t even realised. But he felt it now, like a cold, hollow absence in his chest.

“Why?” was all Freddy could ask.

Zarel shrugged. “The terms of our contract stated that our joining would end ‘when one or both of us decides we no longer wish to be together’. I think we’ve been merged for long enough for you to get the hang of things.”

Panic fluttered in Freddy’s gut like a trapped moth. “B-But, I’ve just invited a small army of men to come over here! How will I…entertain them? I can’t do everything I could do when we were united!”

“Of course you can,” Zarel said, as though it were the simplest matter in the world. “When you were out traipsing through the city today and charming these men into joining you this evening, you did all that by yourself. Didn’t need any help from me.”

Freddy staggered back as the realisation hit him. He had done all of that by himself, hadn’t he? Thinking back over the course of the day’s events, he realised now that Zarel was correct, and that the demon’s presence had been gone before he’d left the shop this morning.

“W-Well, I wouldn’t have done all of that if I’d known you weren’t with me!” Freddy protested. 

“Exactly.” Zarel stood up, bare feet stepping across the floor as he slowly moved towards Freddy. “Because you thought I was still within you, you were more than capable of doing everything I helped you to do. In other words, you don’t need my help anymore. You’ve overcome your mental stumbling block.”

“Like a placebo,” Freddy mumbled, largely to himself. “Then, why do I still feel all of this…anxiety?”

Zarel smiled fondly and cocked his head at him. “I’m a demon, Freddy, not a miracle-worker. I can’t change who you are, and who you are is still very much a shy and introverted individual. That’s not a defect, you know. All I’ve done is shown you another side of yourself – somebody capable of persuading a small army of men to fuck you. That Freddy has always existed. You just needed to become him.”

“Zarel…” Freddy couldn’t believe it. He’d known that his union with the incubus wouldn’t and couldn’t last forever, but he hadn’t been prepared for it all to end so soon, or so suddenly. Even so, Zarel’s words had moved him. “Nobody ever believed in me before you did, you know? Not my family, or anybody else I grew up with. And even when I got away from all of that and came here, I never managed to find the person I wanted to be. But, thanks to you, I think I might just manage.” Another fluttering in his gut prompted him to add, “Hopefully.”

“Definitely,” Zarel corrected him, having stopped short just inches away from Freddy, who could feel the now-familiar heat radiating off of his body. “I won’t promise you that it’ll always be easy, now that you don’t have an incubus fuelling your courage anymore. But to be honest, Freddy – not that I can be anything but honest with you, of course – I was surprised by how little you really needed me when we were joined. You never once took advantage of my power to amplify people’s attraction towards you at all. All those men who you took to your bed came because of you – in more ways than one.”

Freddy couldn’t help but chuckle at the innuendo. “You’re very sweet, you know. For a demon.”

“Demons understand humans better than anyone,” Zanel retorted, sticking his tongue through his teeth.

“…I’ll miss you, Zarel. And not just because of how good you made me feel in bed, I mean.”

Zarel snorted, leaning his face in close. “I know, Freddy, I know. And the feeling is mutual.” He paused, lips a whisper away from Freddy’s. “You know, we may be apart now, but there’s no reason why that has to change – your prowess in bed, I mean. After all, it would be tough for any mortal to keep so many men satisfied just by himself.”

“Is that…possible?”

“Think of it as a parting gift,” Zarel told him. “Since you’ve been such an accommodating host for these past few weeks.”

Zarel closed the miniscule gap between their mouths, and Freddy tugged him close, relishing their first kiss shared in a month. But he felt a hand brushing against the front of his pants, evidently searching for something – something which it soon found, as Zarel’s hand rotated to cup Freddy’s cock and balls through his trousers. There was a light squeeze, like a twitch of his fingers, and Freddy suddenly felt sweet, blissful heat thrumming through him from where Zarel’s hand was touching him. Freddy’s cock strained against his smalls, and he groaned into Zarel’s mouth as pleasurable warmth sank into his body. His eyes flickered heavily open, staring at Zarel through his lashes as they broke apart.

“Now,” Zarel said, “even when I’m gone, you’ll still be able to come several times in a row – although unfortunately not quite as often as you could when we were joined. I’m sure your bedroom mirror will thank you all the same.”

Freddy shook his head in amazement. “Zarel, how can I ever repay you for all you’ve done for me?”

“Didn’t I tell you? Incubi feed off of human pleasure. With all that you’ve given me lately, I’m practically full to the brim. I can relax now, back home where I belong.”

“So, you are leaving.” Freddy had known it was bound to happen, but couldn’t help feeling crestfallen all the same.

“Unfortunately, I can’t stay for long in the mortal realm without a host. And I certainly can’t stay here, given that your guests are sure to be arriving soon–”

At that moment, there was a knock on the front door, and Freddy stiffened. 

“Speak of a demon, and he shall appear,” Zarel remarked with a wink. “That’s my cue to up and disappear, I believe. You’re the summoner, of course, so it’s up to you to send me back where I came from. You remember the words?”

“I do.” Freddy swallowed, fighting to keep his breathing regular. “You’re sure I can handle this?”

“I’ve been living inside you for the past month, Freddy. I know you well enough to know you’ll do just fine. And, you know, if you ever want to romp around with me again…” Zarel rubbed his fingers together. “Sprinkle a little flour for me, won’t you?”

Freddy laughed. “I will. I promise” He took a deep breath, before whispering, “I banish you, Zarel.”

The warm, firm flesh that Freddy had been holding in his arms for the past few minutes disappeared as Zarel winked out of existence without so much as a puff of smoke; he had merely been there one moment, and the next, he was gone, leaving Freddy standing alone in the room with his arms awkwardly outstretched. 

Another knock on the door outside jolted Freddy from his thoughts, and he whirled on the spot to march out to the front of the shop. Through the window, he could see that already a small crowd of gentlemen with familiar faces had gathered. Freddy saw Matthew chatting up a storm with the rugged forester, could see David standing by a pair of men who looked rather like the two burglars Freddy had been shared by (although he couldn’t be certain it was them without their masks on), and plenty more faces Freddy doubted he could put names to. But the moment Freddy waved to them through the pane, all eyes were on him.

I can do this, he told himself, as he pulled open the front door to the shop and fixed the men with the most dazzling smile he could muster.

“Well, you’ve all come early, haven’t you? Good thing there’s plenty to go around…”

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4 thoughts on “Caked

  1. Oh, I love accidental demon summoning as a premise, and this particular demon is even more charming than most. Zarel is such a sweetheart, helping Freddy learn to deal with his anxiety and collect a moderate sized harem of gentlemen along the way! The smutty path to self-confidence makes for a really fun read.

  2. Goodness gracious, when this story gets going it does NOT stop until the very end, and yet there’s plenty of space for Freddy to show character growth, to get a feel for him and his more enduring paramours, and to watch him come into his own with and without Zarel’s influence. How nice to see what a popular guy he can be with a little self-confidence behind the wheel! I also appreciated him learning to enjoy the sight of his own body in addition to ludicrously sculpted ones like Zarel wore, since that’ll go a long way towards feeling sexy no matter how many (or how few) partners he’s got in his life at the moment. Now all he has to do is remember to properly hydrate…

  3. Intense!

    I almost wish Zarel could have stayed as a seperate being for that last party, though it wouldn’t actually have worked for the message or the story.

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