5 thoughts on “The Headless Horse Woman

  1. Exactly what it says on the tin, and yet 0% what I expected when I clicked the link. Okay, maybe 5% — I suspected there might be a pumpkin, but I definitely didn’t call blushing or the adorable vine curl! I love her stance, it has big “don’t speak to me or my ghost girlfriend every again” energy, or possibly “nothing to see here, hapless traveler, move along”.

  2. Love that ghost, got a little smile there :)) and I always vibe with a tits out look. The blush is cute!

    Also I quite enjoy how you did the foliage here. Leaves are so fucked up I think! But definitely cool to see

  3. her blush and her hooves are both very cute! and that’s a real mischievous expression on her ghost associate. those swirling leaves really give the — already great — pose a sense of movement

  4. Massive “yeah we’re gay keep scrolling” energy from the horse woman. I love the confident curve of her body. Her ghost friend has the cutest smile peeking over her shoulder too! I really love the touch of leaves floating on the breeze, because the whole piece really feels like the cool of a forest you’re walking through and the discovery of something that’s surreal more than it’s terrifying.

  5. I was (somehow) not expecting this take on the title, but you know what, it works. The blushing gourd is a very cute detail! I like how her body language contrasts with that of her more ethereal paramour, the HHW bold with a hint of shyness while the ghost is more playful, and the green of her sole garment naturally connects her to the ghost’s minty tones. The way you implied an entire forest with primarily color and abstracted shape without needing a lot of fussy linework helps focus the eye on the subjects while still making the scene feel complete. A fine companion piece to chilly fall weather.

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