7 thoughts on “Invocation for the Lustful

  1. Really love this sexy eldritch poetry? (It’s totally a genre now!) The lettering is gorgeous, and I love how it fits into the picture, especially the G on “guide” looping around your creature! Also, I find it weirdly sweet that all of the many, many eyes are 100% focused on the character.

  2. Get you a lover who looks at you like this monstrosity looks at this character. I absolutely love how the finished pieces turned out! The earthy, deep, almost buried texture. The creature has such a drippy, weighty presence draped over your character like that. I know I’ve told you about how the monster’s detail really contrasts against how the simple softer lines of your character but as a finished piece the monster feels like it’s always moving, that it’s solid and perhaps feels a bit like exposed muscle. And your text overlapping with your figures!! It really creates so much dimension. Gorgeous, monstrous, sexy work!

  3. really like the sepia tones and the soft textures: they give these a dreamy, otherworldly vibe. and the blush on the human character is v. cute! that final picture is sooo satisfying — the way they’re melting into each other, and eternity. lovely concept!

  4. Gotta love a good abstract, many-eyed being and the people who love (or at least are extraordinarily in lust with) them! The limited palette helps further connect the two figures to one another, despite their hugely different anatomy, though the textures used to depict to the more tentacular partner helps their smoother-skinned human friend practically glow against the darker tones. It’s very sweet, really!

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