8 thoughts on “Shousetsu Bang*Bang Issue 93 Cover

  1. This rules! I enjoy the subtle scary face in the background (I hate those! But I mean that you did an awesome job!)

    The limited palette rly works for this

  2. The vintage/sepia tone definitely makes me think that there’s more to be seen behind the smiling faces, and then comments made me realize that there is LITERALLY that face in the bg!!!!!! Very nicely done :D

  3. I love the figure on the right — they’re SO pale it gives me very spooky vibes, even without the screaming face in the background (which I kind of assume belongs to the original owner of one of the two folks up front). Looks perfectly like an antique photograph too. Great cover!

  4. fantastic cover — I love the fashion, and the pose is perfect Old Hollywood glam. and then that spooky surprise! what a way to set the tone.

  5. This cover gives such a vibe of Old Hollywood kickass maybe-girlfriends who hunt ghosts while being well dressed photo shoot, except there’s a photobomber in the back. They’re so confident and relaxed and sexy. You did great with the monochrome and the touch of sepia to warm it up. This turned out amazing, especially with the texturing on that chair cushion.

  6. Ohh, I love the butch’s expression!! I don’t trust her at all but I love that head tilt so much. And the face in the background is so spooky! Great job! c:

  7. What a nice, completely normal, not concerning at all period parlor scene. I’ll join the chorus of people talking about how much the limited palette works here; it adds an air of class, sophistication, and old-timeyness while also making the actual figures just that much more apart from reality. The clothes and posing are also great, very much working with the photographic feel and just being darn good styling on their own, and there’s an air of mystery about these two (completely unrelated to the 100% unassuming background) that invites the imagination. What secret societies have their allegiance? Are they responsible for anything that may or may not be happening elsewhere in the frame? Are both of them even human? It’s some great visual storytelling!

    This was a fantastic cover that perfectly suits the issue with just the right amount of creepiness. Hope to see your art plenty of more times in the future!

  8. This is so lovely and subtly odd. I saw it several times before the face in the background popped out at me. Nice job!

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