thank you ma’am

by Etienne Telling

The small wireless bullet vibe between Linnet’s legs buzzes loud enough for her to hear it over the van’s A/C. It had rested over her clit, but she’s so wet that it slipped and is now a low tease somewhere just below. A combination of thick thighs and the rope harness woven between her legs keep the vibe in place. If she squeezes her legs together, the vibe might slip back up directly over her clit, and then the plug in her ass would shift, which would set off a chain reaction— She breathes out through her nose and rests her head back on the headrest. 

Vi stopped at the grocery store to pick up some mysterious item or five. Linnet isn’t sure. She does know it’s a move wholly manufactured to leave her to suffer in the car. She has strict orders to sit on her hands and be as still as possible. It’s dark outside; Vi parked the van in an empty corner of the parking lot. There isn’t anyone to see her, but it feels like a million eyes are on her. 

It feels good. It’s terrible. Vi wouldn’t know if she wasn’t still, of course, but it’s the principle of the matter. Linnet isn’t a brat; she wants to be good, and she will be good. This is the first time she and Vi have had time to play in months, between the twins, work, and life in general. Linnet is too hungry for her Mistress’ attention to brat. Anyway, if she squirms, the rope under her too-small sundress will tug against her skin and, just like shifting to adjust the vibe, will have a cascading sensory reaction.  

Stillness makes Linnet hyper-aware of each inch of rope. The double-coin decoration right over her cunt keeping the vibe in place is hard to ignore, but the tight wrap of rope around her breasts is as maddening as the vibe against her clit. If she could just touch them— Linnet groans in frustration. Her nipples are hard under the thin cotton of her dress, begging for attention she’s not allowed to give them. 

Linnet whines; she curls her fingers into her thighs and allows herself to start panting for breath. At least she can’t come like this. At least it’s just torment instead of agony. 

She glances at the van’s clock. Vi’s been inside Meijer’s for just fifteen minutes. Linnet shifts, moaning as the rope pulls at her breasts and goes very still. She will be good.

“You can last longer than this,” Linnet says under her breath, trying to remind herself of all the years of edging she has under her belt, so to speak. It doesn’t help. 

It’s almost twenty minutes when the doors unlock, and Vi opens the back slider to rest a few bags on the floor. 

“Oh, thank god,” Linnet sighs to Vi’s low chuckle. 

“How’s my girl?” Vi asks, a huge grin on her lips as she gets in the driver’s seat and lays a big hand on Linnet’s thigh, lifting up her skirt to rest it on bare skin. 

“Uh—” Linnet moans, unable to stop herself. 

“That good? Is the vibe still on your clit, baby?” 

It takes a few seconds for Linnet to gather her thoughts as Vi strokes her thigh. “No. No, Mistress. It slid down,” she says. 

“Fix it before I start driving.” Vi squeezes her thigh and draws her hand back, and Linnet almost whines at the loss of contact. Still, she obediently tugs her hand from under her thigh and between her legs, reaching under the rope to shift the vibrator back over her clit. 

“Oh fuck,” Linnet gasps, eyes closing in pleasure. 

“Not yet. Later tonight, if you’re a good girl for me.” 

Linnet laughs and reaches in the cup holder to get a hand wipe for her fingers. Just that small bit of contact to her cunt has her fingertips soaked. “I was on my best behavior while you were in the store, Mistress.” 

“Were you?” Vi adjusts her snapback, settles her bulk into the seat, and finally clicks her seatbelt into place. 

“I didn’t touch myself. I stayed sitting on my hands until you told me to move.” Her left hand is still tucked under her thigh. 

“Hm, you didn’t even play with your tits?” Vi raises an eyebrow, but she doesn’t look at Linnet as she backs out of the parking space. “I’m impressed. I know how hard it is not to touch your nipples when I’ve got you tied up like you are. I bet you’re sensitive, aren’t you? Are your nipples hard, girl?”

After all these years together, Vi talking to her like that makes Linnet shiver in anticipation. Or perhaps because of all their years together, Linnet knows just what to expect when Vi’s voice dips into that throaty condescending tone. 

Linnet licks her lips. “They are very hard, Mistress.”

The rope does nothing to support Linnet’s breasts—they are far too large for supportive rope bondage—it’s all snug twists of hemp meant to make her skin flushed and sensitive and keep her distracted by how much she needs them played with, and the rope is doing an excellent job. 

“Poor thing,” Vi says, laughing a little. “It’s been too long since I’ve been this mean to you. I think you’re in for a reminder of who you belong to, aren’t you?” 

Linnet’s cunt throbs as she shifts in the seat as the Vi navigates out to the road. She moans, absently pressing her thighs together and rocking, forgetting all about the cascade she had tried so hard to avoid. The plug shifts, the vibe presses harder to her clit, and she moans loud enough she startles herself. 

“As if there could” —Linnet gasps as they run over a pothole and she tenses around the plug in her ass— “be any doubt who I belong to.”

“That’s my slut,” Vi laughs at her, and Linnet whines, but she doesn’t stop rocking her hips back and forth. “When we get off the highway, you can play with your nipples if you pull down your dress.” 

“Oh…” Linnet’s head rolls back against the headrest as her entire body shudders in response. “That’s not a trial, Mistress.” 

“What, should I give you something more difficult? Take it off; I want your bare ass on the seat. You did put a towel down, didn’t you?” Vi asks, voice sharp enough to make Linnet shudder again. “I’ll let you know if there’s a car coming so you can cover up.” 

Linnet is, of course, sitting on a towel. She doesn’t like being naked in the car, but the thrill of semi-public nakedness overrides her discomfort about where it’s happening. “Yes, Mistress,” she says with a sigh, not quite keeping the pout of her voice. 

“You’re the exhibitionist in this car, not me,” Vi says at Linnet’s sigh, reaching over to pinch Linnet’s side hard enough to make her yelp. 

Linnet wishes it was her nipple Vi grabbed rather than her side. “Ugh,” Linnet groans performatively but doesn’t protest. There’s no point when her exhibitionism is so well established after almost twenty-five years of marriage. 

When they turn off M-21 onto the long rambling dirt road that will take them in a loop back to their house, she strips off her dress and half-flings it on the center console. It’s easy to grab if a car comes down the opposite way. Her breasts are flushed pink from the bondage. Her entire body is throbbing, radiating out from her cunt and her tits.  

The cold air from the AC makes her nipples tighten up even more as she cups her breasts in her hands. They overflow her small palms, but it doesn’t matter. She pinches at her nipples, and the sweet relief of finally being able to touch them has her rocking her hips again. 

“Have you soaked through that rope yet, girl?” 

Vi smiles as Linnet reaches down to touch the rope over her labia, laughing as she nods. 

“Almost, Mistress.” Linnet pushes down, holding the vibe right against her clit, knowing she won’t be allowed to orgasm in the car but desperate for more sensation anyway. 

“Rub it over your clit. Get yourself close for me,” Vi coaxes as she reaches for the remote on the console. She turns the vibe from low to high as Linnet whines loudly. 

Linnet doesn’t hesitate to obey. She rubs the vibe over her clit with one hand while the other tugs at her nipples. She knows what she must look like, naked and squirming like she is, but Vi isn’t even watching. Which is as hot as it is terrible. 

Linnet groans again, tenses around the plug, and almost comes right then and there. “Oh. Oh fuck, oh—Mistress, please, please—” 

“You know you’re not allowed to come in the car. Don’t be a greedy little bitch; stop begging for it, or I’ll give you something to whine about when we get home.” The threat also doesn’t do anything to ease the growing pressure and heat between her thighs. Linnet shifts the bullet off her clit. “Don’t you fucking dare, little girl,” Vi says the second Linnet’s hand shifts. “Put it back.” 

Vi’s command cuts through Linnet’s reluctance and building petulance, grabbing the need to please her Mistress by the throat and dragging her to her (figurative) knees. Whimpering, she eases the vibe back up. 

“Oh. No, no, no,” she whines as it comes in contact with swollen and hypersensitive skin. Her thighs start to shake even as she keeps the vibe as light on her clit as possible. 

“Cover up,” Vi warns in a low voice. “Don’t move that bullet.” 

Whimpering the whole time, Linnet fumbles with her dress, covering her upper body one-handed. A pickup truck flies by them, rocks flying up under the wheels. “I—I’m—I’m going to come, I’m going to, Mistress—” The tease of someone seeing them in the car is enough to push her closer to orgasm. 

“You come in this car, and I won’t fuck your cunt for the next two weeks, Linnet.” 

“I’ll—oh fuck—try…” The van rattles down the road. Linnet closes her eyes and breathes heavily through her mouth, all but panting like the bitch her Mistress called her. 

She lasts only until another car passes them: Linnet’s body spasms, and she comes with a pathetic little whine. Vi sighs, and it hits Linnet like a slap. “Don’t stop now, slut. Keep that vibe there until we pull into the driveway.” 

Linnet isn’t sure where they are in relation to home, not with the endless cornfields passing by, not as distracted as she is. Did they pass the goat farm yet? Are they ten minutes away or twenty? She draws a sharp breath, chest heaving enough that the dress slides right off her body to the floor. 

Thighs shaking, Linnet grips the armrest with her free hand, keeping the fingers of her other holding the vibe in place as lightly as she dares. “Mistress—” Her voice cracks. Vi doesn’t even acknowledge her. 

The second orgasm rips through Linnet, making tears prick at the corner of her eyes as she shakes apart in the car seat. The first orgasms always come fast, but anything more than two back-to-back hurt. Linnet doesn’t even bother to try and be quiet. She whines and whimpers. Her clit feels more numb than not, and the insistent buzzing turns to a low ache. There might be a third orgasm, or perhaps it’s violent aftershocks that rock her body. As worked up as she is, it’s hard to tell; it’s just so much. She’s crying when Vi pulls into the long driveway up to the house, and Vi uses the remote to turn off the vibrator. 

Vi doesn’t say anything until they park. She gets out of the car and walks around to Linnet’s side, opening the door to press a soft kiss on Linnet’s temple. “Oh, look at you,” she says as she takes Linnet’s face in her hands and turns her head. “You’re already spaced out.” 

“Hm,” Linnet hums as a flush rises up her cheeks. “Oh wait, you want an answer.” Vi laughs at her, which makes Linnet blush harder. “Yes? Mistress?” She stares up at Vi, breathless, lips parted, and is struck by how perfect her Mistress is, even in a tanktop and snapback. “Hi,” Linnet giggles like a school girl as she stares. 

“Easy, little slut,” Vi laughs again. Her fingers find Linnet’s nipples to pinch, drawing a soft gasp from her lips. She disobeyed, earlier, but it feels so good for Vi to finally touch her that Linnet isn’t thinking about anything but Vi pinching and twisting at her nipples until she’s crying out loud enough that it echoes through the garage. 

Satisfied, Vi reaches down, eases the bullet vibe from behind the rope, and tucks it away in a pocket of her cargo shorts. “Be a good little slut and carry in the groceries.” 

“Mistress,” she whines, the sound abruptly turning into a yelp as Vi grabs two handfuls of her tits and squeezes them hard enough to bruise. 

“Don’t be a brat, or I’ll bend you over the hood of this car and take my belt to your ass,” Vi says, her nails biting into Linnet’s tits to prove she means it. 

“Yes, Mistress,” she whispers. Be good, Linnet reminds herself. Still, the draw of the punishment almost pushes her into bratting before she remembers that if she wants the belt, she can ask for it inside. 

Naked but for her sandals, rope, and collar, Linnet slides out of the front seat. She takes a moment to wrap her arms around Vi, forehead pressed in the middle of her chest, until Vi enfolds her in a bear hug. 

“Come on, it’s okay, you’re okay, baby,” Vi reassures. She is okay, and Vi’s heavy bulk is comforting to lean into. She’s always been Linnet’s rock, even if she’s the reason she’s almost crying. “Be a good girl for me, Linnet.” Vi bends down and kisses the top of Linnet’s head. 

“Love you,” Linnet mumbles into Vi’s almost non-existent cleavage. 

“Love you, too.” Vi steps back, takes Linnet’s face in her hands, and tilts it up for a proper kiss. “Groceries,” Vi reminds her as she turns and kicks her shoes off at the door. 

It takes a few minutes for Linnet to do anything but stand dazed in the garage. Eventually, her sandals join Vi’s sneakers, and the bags of groceries make it inside and even get put away. Linnet doesn’t get any less aroused in the process, not with the plug in her ass, not as the rope rubs against her skin, tugs at her breasts, and generally continues to drive her to distraction. Her breasts feel unusually heavy and sore from the bondage, and she keeps rubbing her hands over them like that would lessen her distraction rather than make it worse. The rope is tight enough that it’s starting to hurt, but in a way that keeps her cunt throbbing with need. 

Linnet is still so spaced out that she doesn’t notice Vi coming back into the kitchen. Or Vi grabbing the rope harness from the back. Linnet squeals but doesn’t fight as Vi drags her to the bedroom. Not when it means the distraction is going to end. Or, at the very least, she’ll have something new to be distracted by. 

Vi has shed her tanktop and hat and is just in her shorts now, but Linnet doesn’t even get to admire the soft rolls of Vi’s stomach before Vi spins her around and all but rips the rope off Linnet’s body. It’s hard to complain about not being allowed to admire Vi’s half-naked form when being manhandled is just as enjoyable. 

“How’s my little slut doing?” Vi asks as she shoves Linnet back against their bedroom door, reaching down to lock it out of habit. 

“I—” Vi’s hand slides down between her thighs to check how wet she is, and Linnet stops thinking the moment fingers touch her pussy. 

“You’re fucking soaking, so it can’t be bad.” Vi swipes two fingers over Linnet’s hole, and Linnet’s entire body bucks up off the door. 

“Oh. Oh! Mistress—” Linnet doesn’t get to say anything else as Vi shoves her thighs open. Instead of pushing her fingers inside, though, Vi slaps her hand against Linnet’s cunt, turning her needy little whimpers into a shout of pain. 

“What, you think I’m going to finger you? Nothing is going in your cunt for two weeks, little girl. Not my fingers, not a toy, not my dick.” Vi pulls her hand back from Linnet’s cunt and grabs hold of the base of her thick braid. It hurts so good as Vi drags Linnet over the bed and forces her down over the edge. “Spread your fucking legs.” 

“No, no, I didn’t forget, I didn’t!” Linnet scrambles to obey, even though the bed is tall enough that she’s almost on tiptoe. She spreads her thighs wide open. She’s so wet she feels like she should be dripping, so wet she can hear it as Vi’s hand slaps back up over her cunt. It feels amazing. It stings, and Linnet needs more. “B-belt?” She manages to ask, remembering how much she’d wanted it in the garage. 

Vi laughs and leans over Linnet’s back to kiss her shoulder. Linnet groans under the weight, but also Vi’s half-hard dick pressing against the curve of her ass. She doesn’t often get Vi’s dick, and she’s not allowed to beg for it. She bites down on her lower lip and tries not to start now, but not before the most pathetic little whine slips from her mouth. 

“Oh, something you want, baby?” Vi grinds her hips against Linnet’s ass. “I do love how tight your ass is, and it’s been such a long time since I fucked it. You might get that, but as for my belt… I have something even better for you, baby. Get up on the bed, on your back, legs open as wide as you can, arms up over your head.”

Vi gives her ass a light slap as she steps back and watches Linnet use a small step stool to scramble up onto their bed. 

“Mistress,” Linnet whines before she turns her face against a pillow, so her mouth doesn’t run off without her mind. 

“You were doing such a good job asking for what you wanted.” Vi grabs her hair again and jerks her head up where she wants it. “Go on, ask me for what you want.” 

“Please, please, fuck me— please— my ass,” Linnet clarifies, pushing herself to speak, trying to control her words, to say the right thing, but she’s so desperate that the words just come out in a smooshed-together rush. 

“That’s my good girl. I’ve got the silicone paddle rather than my belt. You take that for me, then I’ll give you what you want.” 

Linnet wraps her hands around the slats of their bed frame and splays her legs open so her knees are flat to the bed. It’s not the most comfortable position, nor does she think it’s particularly flattering as her tits flatten and spread out, but this is decidedly not about her comfort. 

Not when the silicone paddle is coming. Vi rubs it over Linnet’s thighs before she slides it over her cunt, smearing Linnet’s mess all over the silicone. Linnet starts to hum, low and nervous, trying not to tense, not to anticipate the first blow, dreading and craving it in equal measures. 

“Breathe, Linnet. Open your eyes and look at me.” Linnet didn’t realize she closed them, but she has to force them open. “I know you want this, little girl. Don’t act all scared now that you’re going to get it. You asked for this,” Vi reminds her as she smiles beautifully down at Linnet. 

There’s no time to reply before Vi brings the silicone paddle down over Linnet’s cunt. Anything Linnet could have said comes out as a shout, and the second strike lands fast enough to choke the sound off abruptly. All thoughts about the inelegance and discomfort of her pose are completely erased by the rush of pain coursing through her body and the roar of her heart as it pounds furiously in her chest. 

Somewhere in the onslaught of strokes, Linnet starts to laugh. Hysterical giggles that she can’t stop as she’s flooded with endorphins from the stinging thud of the paddle. 

“Silly little pain slut,” Vi says, fondness coloring her voice. “Feel good?” 

“Hurts.” Linnet smiles, though. “More, please.” It’s been months since they’ve had the time and privacy to play like this, so long since she’s been broken down to nothing but pure sensation before Vi pieces her back together. 

Vi gives her more. Gives her more than she’s ready for as the silicone strap comes down, again and again, the wet smack of it landing filling their bedroom along with Linnet’s wailing cries. When Linnet jerks her legs closed, Vi doesn’t hesitate to bring the silicone down against the outside of one. 

“If I have to warn you to keep your legs open, I won’t fuck you at all. I’ll get myself off and put you to bed with your hands in mitts in case you try to play with your cunt while I sleep,” Vi warns in a low voice. 

The threat cuts any potential laughter off. “Y-yes, Mistress.” Linnet swallows hard and forces her thighs back open, instantly rewarded with a paddle slap on her inner thighs, then another, and a third, bright and searing against unwarmed skin. Linnet screams, jerking wildly at the bedframe when Vi pivots and the silicone paddle slaps across her left breast. Linnet screams again, throat sore as the sound rips from her body. 

“You look so pretty with your tits all marked up,” Vi says as she smiles at Linnet. “I should give your poor cunt a break.” 

Linnet gulps in the breath that the stroke of the paddle stole from her lungs and chokes when Vi snaps the paddle on her right breast. Tears sting the corners of her eyes, but Vi just smiles as she reaches down to adjust herself in her pants. 

Vi leaves bruises. Square edged, lovingly laid against Linnet’s chest and thighs. Linnet screams. She sobs and begs. Never for it to stop, not that, but for more, to be fucked, to have something on her clit. Each request gets cruelly denied with another stroke of the paddle. Vi pushes Linnet into tears and pushes her to the very edge of a safeword before she stops. 

“There we go, shh, don’t cry.” Vi’s fingers slide along Linnet’s labia, teasingly over her clit, and down to her hole, rubbing back and forth. “You’re such a fucking mess. You liked that so much, didn’t you?” she purrs as Linnet sobs. “You’re going to bruise so pretty for me.” Long fingers slide back over Linnet’s clit, rubbing back and forth on either side, just brushing over it with each pass. 

Linnet can’t think. There isn’t anything but Vi, the pain lingering on her skin, and the beat of her heart, seemingly located directly in her clit. She opens her mouth to speak, gasps, and forgets what she wants to say immediately.  

“Come for me, girl,” Vi coaxes, and Linnet’s gone, crashing into her orgasm on Vi’s command. In the pain from the paddle, she’d almost forgotten the plug in her ass, but she’s reminded of it—how Vi is going to fuck her ass—the moment she comes. 

Her mind goes blank. Her body becomes nothing but liquid, contained within the vessel of Vi’s control. There is nothing but Vi. “Th-thank you,” she manages to stammer once she regains some control of herself. “Thank you, ma’am. Mistress.” 

“You’re welcome, little girl,” Vi says as she reaches out to tug at Linnet’s braid before starting to undress. Linnet stares as her wife, her Mistress, stands at the side of the bed and strips. Linnet wants her so much she can hardly stand it. Vi is tall and thick, a light dusting of body hair over her chest and stomach, down to her neatly trimmed bush and furry thighs. Linnet wants to touch and reaches out, only to have her hand slapped away. 

“Hands back over your head,” Vi says even as she catches Linnet’s wrist in her hand and guides it in place herself. “You can pet as much as you like after I’ve fucked you.” 

“Hm, but you’re so pretty,” Linnet hums as Vi laughs at her. 

“Yes, but I’m going to fuck you now—unless you want to pet me while I come all over your tits instead?”

Linnet whines and shakes her head, gripping tight at the headboard. 

“That’s what I thought.” Vi settles between Linnet’s legs and puts on a little show for Linnet. She eases on her favorite cock ring, pours lube into her hand, and strokes herself slowly while Linnet squirms for it, and Vi ignores her whimpering entirely. 

“Mistress,” the word hisses out of Linnet’s mouth, not quite begging but nearly there. 

“Oh, now you remember what you want?” Vi reaches down to pinch a forming bruise on Linnet’s thigh. Only when Linnet is quiet and still does Vi tug the plug free, and she blessedly does not make Linnet wait before thrusting into her. 

“Vi—Miss—ohhh.” Linnet once again stops thinking. She has what she wants, and her brain quiets, words forgotten to the blissful sensation of Vi sinking deep inside of her body. She’s liquid again, held in shape by Vi.  

“Let go of the bed frame,” Vi commands, and Linnet blindly obeys, to be rewarded with Vi taking her wrists in her hands and pinning them to the bed instead. Linnet sinks into her own body, humming with pleasure as Vi starts to thrust into her ass. She laughs again, a giddy giggle of a sound. “That’s my girl.” Vi’s voice is breathless now, rough in her own arousal. 

Linnet could come again, given a chance to get her fingers on her clit, but Vi keeps her hands firmly pressed into the bed as they fuck. It doesn’t matter. Linnet is boneless, content to be used, letting her Mistress take her own pleasure. Even as deep in her subspace as she is, Linnet knows when Vi is close to orgasm by the hitch of her breath and the pace of her thrusts. She tenses up, smiling as Vi groans in response. 

Words drift hazily to the front of her mind, and she giggles again. “Come in me,” she half-begs, half-whines. It will be a mess, she knows, but it’s been so long. 

“Dirty little girl,” Vi says as she dips her head to bite at Linnet’s shoulder. 

“Mm-hm, very,” Linnet agrees, tilting her head to the side to make room for Vi to bite and kiss as she pleases. “Mistress, please. I’ve been—oh god, that’s, oh—a good little slut.”  

It takes a little while longer. Vi doesn’t come fast, but Linnet’s not complaining as Vi’s hands leave Linnet’s wrists to grab handfuls of her tits as she slams into Linnet’s ass. More bruises, fingerprint constellations this time, join the paddle marks. 

When Vi finally comes, she squeezes tight enough to make Linnet cry out, her hands flying off the bed to clutch at Vi’s shoulders. Vi doesn’t stop her, so Linnet clings as Vi comes inside her. 

Eventually, Linnet melts back against the bed. Vi eases out of her. Distantly, Linnet realizes they’re going to have to change the sheets. Or, in actuality, Vi will have to change the sheets because Linnet knows she’s completely useless after a hard scene. She hums and rolls to lean against Vi’s chest, hands stroking down Vi’s belly to her thighs, now happily petting as much as she wanted to earlier. Vi indulges her, wrapping one arm around Linnet’s back and holding her close. 

“Let’s get cleaned up. I’ll change the sheets,” Vi says after a few minutes pass, dropping a kiss to Linnet’s temple. “Look at you. Still all spacey, come on,” she coaxes. “Up.” 

Linnet does not get up gracefully. She groans and pouts as she wiggles out of bed, nose wrinkling up as she stands and feels the slide of come down her thighs—but she did ask for it. She shuffles on unsteady feet into the bathroom and pours herself into the shower to clean up. 

Vi has the sheets changed by the time Linnet emerges. She grabs Linnet by the wrist, yanks her close, and kisses her. Linnet melts against Vi’s body, not even bothering to go up on tiptoes to make it easier, letting Vi lean down for the kiss. 

“Spoiled,” Vi says as she helps Linnet into the freshly made bed, fluffing her pillow and tucking her in. 

“Mm-hm, it’s almost like you know—” Linnet yawns hugely “—that you fucked me into naptime.” She pulls a hand out from under the blankets and reaches for Vi. “Kiss me,” she demands. 

Vi does. Soft and slow, brushing the hair out of Linnet’s face. “Love you, sweetheart.” 

“Love you, Mistress,” Linnet echoes back with another yawn. 

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4 thoughts on “thank you ma’am

  1. Woo boy, this hits the ground running and simply does not stop! I love that you’ve managed to work in so much sweet, happy, settled couple energy even in something that’s technically a PWP. Lots of nice little details that make it feel grounded/like an actual couple of older women, like the stool to get on the bed and Linnet’s brief aside of how unflattering her position is. Also the petting body fuzz is just SO cute, augh, my heart. Then there’s all the sexy bits, which are just super, super hot. Awesome piece to kick off the issue!

  2. I absolutely love a kinky, in love couple and having the added touch of them being married for decades is so perfect. This was extremely hot, just pure fire from start to finish.

  3. This is so hot and so sweet also! I love all the touches of like, Vi knowing exactly how to get Linnet going because they’ve been in a relationship for so long. Like, damn.

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