Customer Service

by Marzia Dagger

It was another hot, sticky summer night, and sweat beaded up along Wesley Singh’s brown skin as soon as he stepped out of his car. The W on the neon sign for his club, Wonderland, flickered and burnt out as he walked up to the door. Another problem to add to the long list of problems he’d been having during a hell of a week, but not that bad in the scheme of things.

What was that bad, though, was the scene unfolding in front of him as he opened the door. There were tables broken in half, chairs scattered everywhere. The liquor shelf behind the bar was destroyed, a fist print in the wall where the mirror had once been. Alcohol intermingled in a huge puddle on the floor, peppered with broken glass. The small man ran his hand through his shoulder-length obsidian hair, slicked back his black rabbit ears, grumbled.

Part of Wes wanted to just… shut the door, go back to his car and drive away. But no, he was the owner, the manager. Dealing with this was his responsibility. “Sir,” he said, his voice firm, authoritative. He strode over, ducking as the ogre swung the bartender at Wes like a flail. Charlie screamed bloody murder, but she held onto the angry ogre’s arm like a boa constrictor. “You need to leave. Now.”

The man was a solid seven feet tall, a good foot and a half taller than Wes, and grinned down at him with a face like a crumpled soda can. He stank of the cheapest beer they had on tap. “Aww, you’re a were-rabbit? What’re you gonna do, wiggle your widdle tail at me?” He laughed, a deep, bassy rumble, and threw Charlie across the club. She landed on a bench seat in a jumble of limbs and red hair, but got up immediately, looking pissed. Two patrons grabbed her arms before she was able to march back and re-enter the fray.

“Right,” Wes said, brown eyes underneath his knit brows looking black as night in the darkness of the club. He threw off his suit coat, rolled up his sleeves. Punched a few times to get room in the shoulders of his shirt. No witty comeback left his lips, no lecture – he was too incandescent with rage for that. He was going to enjoy beating the shit out of this guy. Purple fire started in his fists, and he danced in close, aiming an almighty whack at the ogre’s center of mass.

The ogre’s eyes went wide and he stumbled back, astonished to discover that the small, slender rabbit shapeshifter was more Watership Down than Beatrix Potter. “Oh shi–” he started to say, before a jump-kick connected with his jaw, sending him tumbling to the ground like a sack of potatoes. The ogre scrambled to get up, got in one good punch to Wes’s stomach, but then Wes hit him again, again, again, all over his body. When he finally laid still on the sticky floor and didn’t attempt to get up, Wes dragged a chair over, wicked smile on his face. He tossed the ogre over the seat face down, tied the ogre’s wrists and ankles to each of the chair legs, whispering magic the whole time.

The ogre snarled, tried to stand up, fell over sideways with a clatter, looking absolutely pathetic. A smattering of onlookers laughed, which only made him bellow louder. Wes picked the chair up, rotated it so the ogre’s swollen and bloody face was facing him. “Buddy. Pal. You earned this.” The ogre snapped his teeth, panted, struggled against the purple fire of the magic ropes. “Uh-uh, I’m not letting you up until you apologize for ruining the evening.”

“What?” The ogre’s pupils shrank, realization of the situation he was in shocking him out of his rage. “I swear I won’t cause any more trouble, just let me leave.”

“Mm, I don’t know, can he?” The onlookers giggled and gathered around in a circle, eager to participate now that the activity had changed back to what the club was actually for.

They all answered Wes, “No!”

Wes double checked the ogre’s back pockets. Leafed through his wallet before tossing it aside. Nothing wild – a couple of credit cards, some condoms, a business card for the local cab company. “Seven dollars, man? Come on. And your name’s Tharlik Orr?”

The ogre looked depressed at that. “Jeff. I go by Jeff.”

Wes raised a brow, shrugged. Conjured a flat paddle from thin air. “Okay, Jeff. My name’s Wes.” He twirled the paddle, then whacked Jeff’s ass like he was going for a home run. “Or Mr. Singh, if you’ve decided to be polite.” Jeff jerked in the ropes, grunting. The more hits came, the more the ogre tried to bury his face in the chair’s wooden seat and pretend it wasn’t happening… until Wes did something the onlookers were expecting, but Jeff sure wasn’t. Unbuckling Jeff’s pants, he pulled them and his underwear down to his knees and rubbed his red ass.

“What the fuck?” Jeff managed after a minute of stunned silence, blush spreading across his green cheeks.

“This is a sex club, Jeff. Or did you immediately forget that after you signed the intake forms?” Wes started spanking the ogre’s bare ass with the paddle, the sharp, stinging noise of the slaps echoing to the back of the club. “So you know, we don’t go by ogre mating rules without heavy negotiations first. Even then, it’s best to keep it to the back rooms, okay?”

Jeff said nothing, pressed his lips together to keep any sound from escaping. After a particularly enthusiastic whack, a moan flew out of him, and a couple people clapped. “Bastard.”

Wes looked triumphant. “Thank you, handsome. Damn right I am.”

Being complimented sent Jeff squirming, and Wes grinned with delight. Maybe he’d respond better to honey than to vinegar? He kneeled down behind him, running his hands over his brawny back, kissing the top of his tailbone and the bruised flesh of his buttocks.

Jeff moaned, panted. Folded like a cheap suit. “Alright, I uh… I um… g-got fired today.”

“Sorry to hear that,” Wes said, voice soft as he kissed down both of Jeff’s thick thighs. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Not really, it’s been a long time coming. I worked at a car dealership and I… get so angry sometimes, you know? Customers can be real pieces of shit.”

“Tell me about it,” Wes returned, tone flat.

Jeff laughed at that, a genuine, joyful peal of laughter, tears starting in his eyes. “Fuck, I’m sorry, I really am. I got fired for yelling at this one asshole customer, and then I got mad at myself for not keeping it together, ‘cause I really did need the job… I just kept spiraling down, and then I dunno. I lost control, got stuck in my berserker state, acted like a real shithead to everyone here.”

“You sure did,” Wes said, sitting back, huffing a little chuckle. “There’s nothing wrong with getting emotional and needing to work through it, Jeff, but there are definitely better ways to do that then others.”

“Yeah, like, um…”

For being such a massive, scary-looking guy, Jeff was downright endearing now that the anger had left him. “Yes?” Wes asked, gesturing with encouragement and cupping his ear in an exaggerated fashion as he drew the word out. “Use your words.”

Jeff pouted, large lower canines poking out between his lips. “I really gotta say it?”

“You’re tied to a chair in front of a crowd with your business end out, man. Now’s hardly the time for modesty.”

“Suppose you’re right. Please fuck me and help me feel better, sir.” Jeff said what he wanted loudly, enunciating his words, but then turned beet red from ear to ear.

Someone in the crowd snickered, a werewolf girl with a pierced nose, and Wes shook his finger at her. “He’s said he’s sorry, and he’s going to put on a nice show as an apology, so let’s all be nice and encouraging to him now, alright?” She looked taken aback, but nodded in agreement. “Speaking of which…” Wes rotated the chair to where Jeff’s face was level with his crotch. His amber eyes went directly to Wes’s bulge; Wes’s were on his injuries. They could take care of both at once. He unzipped his suit pants, pushed his erect cock up and over his waistband, rubbed his tip on Jeff’s lips.

Jeff swallowed Wes’s cock whole, lips gentle as they shepherded Wes’s balls into his mouth. Jeff’s massive tongue swirled around Wes’s whole package as he began to suck. Wes gave a surprised yelp, followed by a series of pleased chuckles. “Well now, someone was hungry for me!” Jeff gave a muffled noise of affirmation, letting Wes’s balls drop out of his mouth as he began bobbing his head.

Wes, meanwhile, whispered magic as he ran his long brown fingers through Jeff’s hair, as the pads of his fingers traced Jeff’s angular jaw, his biceps, down his ribs, the muscular plane of his back. A vivid purple glow touched every bruise and sign of violence, and by the time Wes finished by trailing his fingers over his temples, his cheeks, Jeff’s moss-green skin glowed like he’d been to the spa. “There. How do you feel?”

“Great… well, amazing, actually,” Jeff responded, looking up at Wes as he nuzzled into the base of his cock, licking one way then the other. His expression was tender, wondrous; his amber eyes sparkled. Jeff looked like a new man, the rage rippling his face into a brutal expression ironed away by pleasure, by someone caring for him.

“Good to hear, sexy.” Wes turned the chair around by tilting and spinning it on one leg, so that Jeff’s ass was in his face again. The ogre whimpered, thighs shivering. “You okay?”

“Just excited.” Drips of slick wetness splattered to the floor from the tip of his cock.

“I can see that,” Wes said, leaning over and pressing his face between Jeff’s ass cheeks. At the touch of his tongue to his asshole, Jeff let out a howl of pleasure, nearly crushing Wes’s nose between his massive glutes. Wes was undeterred. He pressed rough kisses and licks to the sensitive ring of muscle to the accompaniment of Jeff’s loud-ass moans, stroking his massive ogre dick with both of his hands. “You’ve got a nice moan. I love getting to hear how good I’m making you feel.” Mostly people were just watching with rapt attention, but there were a couple hoots of encouragement and words of praise, and some clapping.

“Aw, shucks.” Jeff grinned as he looked back over his shoulder. From that gleeful expression, it was clear he loved Wes encouraging him to be loud. “So Wes, would you like to, um…” He blushed again, trailing off in an incomprehensible mutter.

It was so cute how shy, yet eager the big man was. Wes folded over in silent chuckles at that, belly still aching from Jeff’s punch earlier. Despite how things had started, he was having a good time. “Hmm? What was that?”

Jeff eked out a louder mutter, but his words still ran together like tumbling rocks.

“Louder, and please enunciate, Jeff.”

“Put. Your. Dick. In. My. Ass.” Every word was hard-fought to force out, and he gasped, breathless, when he was done.

“Why certainly, it would be my pleasure.” Wes gave the pouch of Jeff’s balls gentle kisses, while he stroked himself rapidly, muttering yet another spell into the ogre’s skin.

This time, Jeff’s hips twitched with a start, and he moaned. “Why does my ass feel slippery?”

“Lube spell,” Wes said huskily, pressing a finger into Jeff. “Learned it from an old friend.”

“Give your friend my… hnng… compliments.”

“I will, even though he’s already got a big enough head.” Another finger joined the one moving in and out of him, rubbing inside of him in a ‘come here’ motion against the soft button of his prostate. Jeff writhed in the ropes, breath quickening with impatience. He gave a sigh of pleasure and relief as Wes grabbed his hips and sank his cock into his ass. “You like that?”

Jeff moaned and cursed in reply, which made Wes smirk. He leaned over and kissed his back as he thrust into him, licked up his spine. Reveled in all the different noises he fucked out of him, the way he got louder and louder the quicker and rougher he went. Jeff really was putting on a good show. Wes leaned back and slowed down for a time, caressing his ogre lover’s sweaty skin, bringing his cock all the way out and then slamming it all the way in again with a grunt.

“I’m gonna come soon,” Jeff whimpered, gripping the chair legs for dear life with each plunge, knuckles white.

“Me too,” Wes returned, rolling his hips and getting back into more of an even rhythm. Focusing on his breathing, in through his nose, out through his mouth, as the heat in his lower belly built. He buried his face against Jeff’s muscular back, fingers digging into his shoulders, groaning and growling as he rammed his cock into him as fast and hard as he could. With a desperate wheeze and a full-body shudder he came first, panting through the aftershocks.

On an ordinary day, he’d make his partner beg to come, make them wait until they were on the edge to let them loose. But Jeff’s day had been shit, and it turned out he was a sweet guy underneath the rampant property damage he’d caused. Wes reached under the seat of the chair, groping around until he found Jeff’s cock. Wes shivered a little from still feeling over-sensitive, but soldiered on, continuing to thrust his cock inside of Jeff as he stroked him.

“Oh fuck, oh f-fuck!” cried Jeff at the top of his lungs, whole body tensing and releasing in waves as he came thick ropes on the ground. The violence of it broke the chair in two, sending both of them to the ground in a sweaty pile, limbs tangled together. The crowd cheered and clapped at the dramatic finish to events, and the two of them were clearly happy as well, cuddling close to one another, rubbing their beaming faces together.

They stayed like that for some time, before Wes cracked open an eye and said, “Say, Jeff, you want a job? I’ve been meaning to get a bouncer for this place, and, well… you seem like you could keep the assholes out. You’ve got full permission to punch them, too, if the situation calls for it.”

“There’s a catch, ain’t there.”

“I won’t be paying you until you pay off all… this.” Wes gestured at the bar, which was just completely fucked, and all of the broken furniture.

“Yep. You’re definitely a bastard,” Jeff chuckled, but he kissed him just the same.

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3 thoughts on “Customer Service

  1. This is a fun little PWP on its own (and great title choice!), but also a really intriguing glimpse at what feels like a much larger magical world. I love the cute touch of rabbit gent owning the club named Wonderland, and I find Jeff oddly charming given the anger issues and property damage. “Came so hard he broke a chair” is definitely an accomplishment. XD

  2. Every few lines I found myself to be surprised (in a good way) about new details about their environment and powers! Smaller dominant x Bigger softy is such an endearing and hot pairing!

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