The Lemon House

by Etienne Telling The sun is still sunk low on the horizon, not quite starting to rise when Wren wakes up, but it doesn’t mind the early mornings. There is a certain kind of peace with the house still sleeping; the anticipation and the potential of the day are some of its favorite things about […]


thank you ma’am

by Etienne Telling The small wireless bullet vibe between Linnet’s legs buzzes loud enough for her to hear it over the van’s A/C. It had rested over her clit, but she’s so wet that it slipped and is now a low tease somewhere just below. A combination of thick thighs and the rope harness woven […]



by Etienne Telling illustrated by The Winter Cynic “It feels like another world up here,” Geoff says as he looks out the window and the trees blurring past as they drive: twisted spindly pines, old oaks, and white flashes of birch. Even the soil changes; the grass on the side of the road gives way […]


Mane Attraction

by Etienne Telling For the first time in six months, Fenglin and Haoyun are in the same place for more than twenty-four hours. More than just being in the same fucking place, they have no professional obligations. Their phones are off, tucked away in Fenglin’s living room, out of sight and out of mind. No […]