5 thoughts on “Shousetsu Bang*Bang no. 97 Cover

  1. I love literally everything about this. The color scheme is magical — the title’s neon glow makes everything look lit up so vividly. I can’t even imagine how much work it was to do all that rope, but I’m assuming a LOT. I think the hand bondage is my favorite panel. The position plus the little sweat drops plus the fingers digging into the hand a bit conveys such an amazing sense of tension (and again: WOW all that rope!!). Also really love the combo rope grab and thigh grab in the middle, though! Incredible cover, you knocked it like a billion miles out of the park.

  2. oh this is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! So much motion, dynamism – set off by the stillness of the little insert of the crops and floggers. This whole thing is just immaculate – then tension, the strain; in the ropes, the muscles, and the delightful little bite! So yummy!!! I love this so much!!!! Just stellar!

  3. I’ve said it elsewhere but GOD this cover is gorgeous. The composition??? The neon??? The little details like the drops of sweat??? The ROPE??? This cover is so beautiful I am losing my entire mind

  4. Wow this really is gorgeous! I love the delicate roped on the hands especially, and the solidness of the thumb hooked onto them.

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