Stonewall was a Riot

by Phun Saa (พรรษา) and Passer Puellae Love0


So How Did

by Phun Saa (พรรษา) Probably, Sean would reflect later on, after it had turned into a whole thing, if he hadn’t whiffed so badly the very first time then he wouldn’t have had to compensate and it never would’ve become a thing at all.  Maybe.  He knew at least some of his faults, and he […]


Come in under the shadow of this red rock

by Phun Saa (พรรษา) illustrated by SemeSadique In an ancient time it would not have happened this way. But people die and peoples change, and quiescent lie the old ways. — Nights were hard for Fadeh.  His ears rang in the stillness, thoughts chasing each other until he could swear they were breaking free of […]


Nostalgia Night

It was going to be Nostalgia Night, he decided, as he reached for another strut and inched higher up the tower. Mostly because he had some oldies stuck in his head and felt like humming as he climbed. Not like he ever picked a theme, or even ran a theme night on more than a whim.

“That tonight’s gonna be a good night,” he sang softly into the wind as he levered himself up, “that tonight’s gonna be a good, good night…” He rested for a moment, toeholds secure, and hooked one elbow around a column, then leaned back to get an eyeful of the lights of Rumeli, laid out below him and sparkling in the night. Oh, yeah. He had a good feeling about this show.

At the top, he took off his bag and set to work unpacking and assembling his kit. An antenna two centimeters long could broadcast to nearly every island on Venus, and more music than he’d be able to listen to in a lifetime fit into a little oblong case dwarfed by the clip that kept it on his collar, but the equipment that hid his location– spoofed the signal, ping-ponged it around, made it look like it was coming from anywhere but here– that stuff took a little more space, especially when you had as much of it as he did. Anything to keep up the mystique, and it didn’t hurt if it kept him out of jail too.

At 23:59 on the dot he popped a pill to counteract the helium in the air and keep his voice low and rough, turned on his mic, and got started. “Check, check… checking, five-six… This is Pirate Radio Venus. This is Pirate Radio Venus, and I’m your host, Baron Barium, saying goodnight to all you bad boys and girls out there. You’re all up past your bedtimes and tomorrow’s not getting any further away, so let’s get started, shall we?” He reached out onto thin air, fingers dancing over a projected light workstation of buttons, knobs, and sliders, and launched into the first song with a quick staccato of drums.