6 thoughts on “a sense of discipline

  1. Oh helLO did you read my mind for my think about clothed sex and leg humping? This is DELIGHTFUL. Both their expressions are so – MWAH, wonderful. The blindfolded panting and the delicious smirk. The smirk is my favorite, actually. There is so much emotion there, not just sexual satisfaction but affection and softness. Love this!

  2. H E L L O T H E R E!! Holy crap, your forms, your volume!! This angle is so tricky to pull off and you knocked it out of the park. I love the real sense of the room, the subtle line of his dick, the desperation in his tiny shivers. This is absolutely one of our best works.

  3. omg these are some EXPRESSIONS wow. and the lighting??? holy shit. this is so intimate and tender but also SO hot

  4. Oh my god, that is a KILLER smirk there. He looks regal and quite rightfully smug about things. And the little quaver lines around the other guy’s elbows!! I feel like you’ve perfectly captured the energy of him being barely able to hold still.

  5. The lighting on the sun is absolutely breathtaking and adds so much sensuality…. But man yeah these are a hell of a great set of expressions! You can really feel the tension in this one, and it’s great~~

  6. Such lovely, dim lighting! Expressions on both of them are perfect—the little shakey lines, the opened mouth gasp, the super smirk and narrowed eyes!! Makes me wonder how long it will take for the darker haired one to give the brown haired one what they want!

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