7 thoughts on “Quiet

  1. Oh goshhhhhh I love this! The scars, the faces, the freckles! There is a dewy, soft-focus quality around the whole thing, like a Kate Bush music video. Also I really love their hands – drawing hands is so hard but these are very graceful. I would like to watch them touch each other intimately! Lovely, lovely.

  2. This is so gorgeous, I love them! I’m also like *eyes emoji* at all the scars, ESPECIALLY THE ONES THAT SEEM TO COVER A LARGE PORTION OF THEIR NECKS??? But also it’s like. That is necessarily in the past! Here and now: snuggles

  3. Love the sort of glowy soft focus contrasted with the amaaaazing scars all over these two. Also, those freckles are super super cute. But the neck scars, holy shit!! And it seems to be a matched set on both of them, which gives me all sorts of questions about how they got those. Romantic couple near-beheading? Maybe hung almost to death for the boy drag mentioned in your notes?

  4. One of the first things that struck me about this picture is the softness of it: the lighting, the colors, the lines, the interaction between the characters. These are clearly hard people who’ve lived hard lives, that fact is literally carved into their bodies, but the fact they can still experience such tenderness together is lovely, really. Their scars even tell different stories: the fair-haired one has scars mostly on her back, implying she was a slave, a captive, or otherwise tortured, though there’s apparently enough time between then and now that they’ve faded a little, whereas the darker-haired one has angrier, fresher scars that look more like they’re the result of combat, possibly recently enough that they’ve closed but are still fierce. And of course, the similar neck scars tell a thousand different tales, all interesting.

    I also really like the way you draw faces! It’s very nice. Love a good face, and the fact that these have some nice (and contrasting!) bodies connected to them just enhances things.

  5. i love the soft focus of this and just the softness of the moment in contrast to the scars on the bodies. The facial expressions, the art style, just all so lovely.

  6. This is so sensual and romantic! I absolutely love the blonde’s expression. You have so many details that this is begging for a story, with the scars and the binding and hairstyles.. i really love this piece!!

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