13 thoughts on “Prospective Participants for Bang*Bang 97

  1. Putting myself down as a tentative sign-up. Been wanting to write for SSBB for years and years and years, but never managed to get something done in time. Hopefully this attempt will be different xD

  2. I have two stories I would like to submit, both collaborated with another writer, Knoah Calvert

  3. Hello, I’d like to sign up as an artist to collaborate with a writer.

    You can see my most recent drawings on the media tab of my art twitter:

    My only other active gallery is my commission examples:

    Please keep in mind that I’m most comfortable doing black and white work, so the color illustrations are not a good reflection of what I’d draw for your piece. You can contact me via Twitter DM or on the Discord server (where you can find me as spill).

  4. Hello! I’m very late, but I would love to illustrate something for someone! You can find my work over at twitter.com/egg_noodle (which is also the best place to contact me).

  5. oh who is very late for this? I am! Returning after nine years of not writing for SSBB, let’s get some bondage done!

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