4 thoughts on “Angel Food Cake

  1. Oh this is wonderful! I particularly love her jawline and pearl earring – gives it a sort of timeless, classic feel. And of course, the tip of a hard cock in some panties is always delightful. So many great anatomical details – the collar bones, the biceps, the back muscles and dimples on the demon! Juicy! That powerful tail has a real stage presence, I feel like I know exactly how it would feel under my hands. This kind of foreshortened composition is really hard – beautiful!

  2. Hard agree with stills about dick in panties hnnnnng damn! This is so hot I had to immediately share it with my wife. This was necessary for reasons.

  3. Two wlw pieces from you this issue, how fun! I absolutely love the angel’s expression! She looks lost in desire, absolutely succumbing to her demon girlfriend. And wowww you really nailed the perspective. This is such a hot piece!

  4. What’s better than this? Just gals being pals! Their body shapes are lovely and the lingerie gives this piece a much different (and, in my opinion, superior) vibe than if they were fully nude. Without it, we’d be denied the cute peekaboo erection, too! It’s fun contrasting this with the other piece you submitted and how they both show different kinds of intimacy.

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