Issue 95: Celebrity Skin

cover by The Winter Cynic


Even I Want to Be Cary Grant, by Hiwaru Kibi (火悪 木美)

A Wizard Did It, by murasaki

Dentes Sub Corium, by Iron Eater *

Mane Attraction, by Etienne Telling

Additional Tags: RPF, First Time, Bandmates to Lovers, OTP, by shukyou (主教)*

* illustrated

Demo Reel, by melanofly

Afterparty, by The Winter Cynic


Which unnamed queer webzine, now in its eighteenth year of production, just released its newest issue? Rumors are flying!

A tipster tells us that the zine’s 95th issue is now out — and we do mean out. This issue comes complete with steamy, scandalous tales of queer romance that would be quite a shock to the fans. That same tipster says it’s “off-the-charts sexy” with “wall-to-wall smut” that covers everything from the stage to the screen, from movies to music, from the internet to real life.

What few know is that despite being one of the most exclusive events of the year, this issue is apparently completely free! No cover charge, no subscription model — they’re just really giving this away?

What do we think? Your guesses are welcome in the comments as always, as are your words of appreciation for the creators!

(For summaries, authors’ notes, and more, we would usually tell you to see this issue’s entry on the Shousetsu Bang*Bang wiki. In the interim, however, please visit the relevant thread at the SSBB Bulletin Boards for similar content.)