6 thoughts on “Afterparty

  1. Dgnfaj;hbadjk THE PIERCINGS [/a million fire emojis]

    I really love illustrations that replicate photographs, and this one is spot-on, right down to the grain. I /really/ want to know who’s taking the picture. He looks like he’s having an amazing time, haha! I also like the previous image. ;3c All in all, a good night seems to have been had!

    Great job!

  2. the little preview in the corner tying this together with the cover….fucking genius

    this is so hot i keep reflexively scrolling down so no one sees me looking. i am a whole ass adult but i’m still like NO ONE CAN KNOW. yeah, i’m sure my wife is going to be very surprised i’m looking at porn. IT’S JUST THAT GOOD.

  3. Oh my god this is SO HOT ughhhh wowowowow i can’t get over the bottom’s blissed out face and the tear streaks!! You did them so well!! and the lighting is always nice but i like how soft it is, especially on the bottom’s face and the glint on the top’s strap! This reminds me of anime con shenanigans and i love that.

    Bless u for filling up my t4t loving cup, my heart is as full as his pussy uwu

  4. Oh man, please tell me that’s Mr. Cover Hottie in the background?? I’m gonna assume it is, because a guy that beefy is CLEARLY responsible for the serious railing the star of this pic has gotten. The lip ring and smudged makeup, good lord, I’m having vapors. Thank you for this ridiculous double blessing of stupidly hot guys. <3 <3

  5. Depth of field effects are tricky to pull off well, but this piece knocks it out of the park immediately. I love all the different line weights and the use of color, and they really do work together well; that said, I think it’s that focused-upon expression that works the most for me. Exhausted, makeup running, blissed-out, just barely there enough to smile for the camera, and enthusiastic in spite of clearly being run ragged! The fact that the photographer isn’t the bearer of the strap in the back (paired with the preview of that variant of the cover, as pointed out by others) is another fun element of mystery, especially paired with that title. Pic’s a good ‘un!

    Now get some rest, you’ve earned it.

  6. whewwww that expression… hot. love the lighting, and the everything really <3 what great work from you this ish – I'm in awe

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