11 thoughts on “Prospective Participants for Bang*Bang 103

  1. This story’s fighting me more than I expected, but I am planning on wrangling it into shape in time to submit it!!

  2. I feel like I’ll have something ready for this one?

    If any other artists would like to collaborate, I always find my brain easier to trick into doing what I want if I get to show off and flail about with someone!

  3. Whether I will have a submission ready in time is a different matter, but I do have an idea I am considering!

  4. Given that my story is complete (some minor edits notwithstanding), I will definitely be participating in this one!

  5. I’m interested in writing something for this issue! Collaborating with an artist (who is interested in monsters and/or hypno) would be *splendid*. I’m spiraledfaun on tumblr ^^

  6. My brain has been supplying a bunch of vignettes that are not sex, but I’m sure I’ll bang something out, even if it’s just a short little bite. I’ve got a streak to maintain, after all.

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