12 thoughts on “Prospective Participants for Bang*Bang 96

  1. Hi hello o/ back at it again.

    Id love to do a collab with you/draw for your story – whatever you want!
    Heres a sample of some of my works: https://www.behance.net/glassesblu

    I’m also thinking about doing an independent piece if I have nothing on my plate, so who knows!

    You can find reply here, find me on the ssbb discord, or you can find me on twit @glassesblu

  2. I’m open to doing a collab if anyone wants it. You can check out my stuff on [Twitter]. =w=

    I can be reached on Discord or on the reply chain!

  3. Hi! I’ve got a new story I’d like to submerge-I mean, submit as an author! Open to illustrations, Zora/Shape of Water vibes. Pls lmk here or on twt @ queerpointyears !

  4. Going to take this as a second chance to get that pinch hit from last month up on its feet! Will probably be seeking out an illustrator if all goes well in the next week or so. hmu here or on discord if you’re especially interested!

  5. I’m tossing around an old “feisty fallen-from-grace player rebuilds his relationship with stern fallen-from-grace coach who hated each other for the wrong reasons” story idea, probably for hockey, that might wander vaguely in the praise/daddy kink direction if anyone wants to art for it. Full disclosure, it would be my first time writing for SBB, so I fully understand if no one wants to hop on board w me until I actually manage to submit successfully. I’m in the discord as boz (fish emoji), or you can reply to me here.

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