10 thoughts on “Shousetsu Bang Bang Issue no. 102 Cover

  1. Ooh, nice cover. Really classic look. I also like how the bird is not anthropomorphized, but is still clearly interested…

  2. As a big halftone-liker, it’s safe to assume I REALLY dig what you’ve done with the shading on this; paired with the bold, brushy inks, it’s got some fantastic texture going on that really makes this webzine issue feel like a zine. The central figure’s expression is great, as well! Really dig how this compares with the other illustrations you’ve submitted, with each one using a different finishing style. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the lettering, too, since it’s just the right kind of clean and understated to really play into the physical feel of the cover. Delightful!

    • thank you so much!! i’m a huge texture-er in my work, but realised i don’t use halftones NEARLY as much as i want, so it was fun to play around with them here! i simply also must shout out True Grit Texture Co.’s halftone zine machine processing, which gave me the wild wavy overlay in this one that i love so much in this one. always grateful to have an opportunity to stretch my stylistic sensibilities for ssbb, so i’m super glad to have the opportunity to try so many things out!

  3. the textures on this are incredible, really looks like scanned traditional art! i’ve been staring at it a lot, it’s definitely inspiring me to push my own art more

  4. This is such a cool cover! Looks like it was scanned in from some ancient comic that’s yellowed with age. Also don’t know if I’m totally off-base, but is this Prometheus? That was my first thought on seeing a guy with a giant bird, apparently.

    • thank you!! imagining the ancient yaoi fanbooks as we speak… (thinking emoji) and it is not prometheus here BUT now i am also pondering sexy bird/prometheus, so thank you for that, haha!

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