16 thoughts on “Prospective Participants for Bang*Bang 102

  1. I’ve been telling myself to try to write something for years… and I’m giving it a try now, in honor of monsterfucking.

    Ideally would like to illustrate for myself as well but if anyone wants to do a pulpy, horror-y, comic-book-y cover art with me… hello

  2. I’m planning on working for a piece for this one! It’s going to be a longer short story involving a man falling on the priest of a strange tentacle god in the woods, with some eggpreg and apocalypse vibes.

    Open to collab if artists would be interested!

  3. I haven’t submitted before but I think I would like to participate. Definitely a “falling in love with the monster in my closet that is supposed to be guarding the portal to the other realm but keeps saving me from trouble” kind of situation.

  4. I’m going to try to get something done for this! I’ve been on the discord for a while now, though I admit I don’t check it much bc I rarely use social media. I’m thinking of being very literal with the theme, and maybe a bit cliche with… tentacles. :3c

  5. Working on monsters fucking with a friend! Fingers crossed we manage to pull it together before the deadline

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