4 thoughts on “Affectionately Yours,

  1. Look, a fella can’t be expected to be at his academic best if he doesn’t take a little time for R&R, you know?

    As may be (extraordinarily) evident from some of my own works, I’m all for heavyset characters being shown as objects of desire with a wire range of emotions, so the pinup-cutesy photo here is exactly the sort of thing I like to see! The background elements do a fine job of fleshing out the story, conceptually, and the sepia tones used for everything really give help sell that old-timey look. It practically demands its own serial soundtrack and frenetic Mid-Atlantic announcer. And hey, plenty of privacy for this sort of thing, at least for now!

  2. I’m so happy you included what your fellow is looking at. It’s SUCH a cute little pinup picture (and yay for chubby guys)! I love what a mess Mr. Archaeologist is too. Even his hair looks a bit ragged! No doubt he’s been in the field for a good while and can’t wait to get home to his adorable gentleman.

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