3 thoughts on “Wildlife Conservation Efforts

  1. I love the different colorings on the catfolk, it really helps sell the “wild cat” vs. “domesticated cat” thing. I also LOVE the second image with subject no. 1 still LITERALLY bright eyed and bushy tailed! And the way some elements are breaking the frame of the second image is so chefkiss

  2. Look at all that SCIENCE! going on in the background! The set-dressing elements like the glowing data screens, the tracking collars, the bite/claw marks, and the labcoated team all engaged in busy conversation all really elevate this piece, and invite the viewer to wonder about the ongoing scenario. Since the test subjects aren’t restrained in any way, nor are they obviously held in a cage, are their collars part of what keep them calm? Are they sapient enough to understand concepts like “the room is sealed until you’re done”? Are they both a little more willing to contribute to the preservation of their species than they let on? Questions like these for the viewer make for a far more fun, engaging scenario!

  3. There’s so much fun stuff going on here! Love all the bite and claw marks, and I especially like Subject #1’s hair — the color split is so cool.

    The time elapsed in the background makes the second image even funnier to me. Like damn, buddy, 3 hours and you still have that kind of energy?? RIP Subject #2. :’c

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