6 thoughts on “Issue 90 Cover

  1. I am so in love with how seeing the cover from afar, you can already get a sense of the mood and zoomed in, you can really see the YEARNING. The HEARTACHE. The scratches on the robot!! This is a beautiful cover.

  2. This is a really gorgeous cover! I feel like there’s got to be a story behind this image — was the guy frantically trying to fix the robot/android? The scratches on his hand and the faint hints of color there and in the corner of his eyes where it looks like he’s been crying really grab me.

  3. okay this cover is gorgeous and you know that I AM SURE. I really appreciate having the version without the text covering up the bottom, because I mean it looks great as a cover with the text, but I love getting to see like the wiring and hand details!!!

  4. The lighting and coloring on this are superb, but what I really like is the BLOCKING: we only get glimpses of our leads, but those little glimpses tell us more than enough through every single detail you packed into this piece. The cool color palette gives everything a feeling of longing, at least for me, and in general it’s a fabulous piece of storytelling using a single image and zero words. Just wonderful!

    I really like this as a way to show off alternate covers, too!

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