4 thoughts on “Duel on Ganryujima Island (巌流島)

  1. Ah, a pretty boy covered in blood. Truly a classic.

    I love the colors in this piece! It’s so graphic and eye-popping. Eye-catching? Whichever.

  2. Oh my god, mortal stab wound but make it gay and sparkly. XD I’m absolutely cracking up about it, such a fun concept.

  3. My eyes are so drawn to the way that blood is ~erotically~ dripping down his body and towards his inner thigh!!!! The shy turn of his head!!! There’s nothing quite like being sensually stabbed.

  4. I’m still impressed at how much detail you were able to cram into this illustration despite how much life and time conspired against you! The big, bold colors and limited palette give it a bit of a classical print vibe, the sort of thing an ukiyo-e merchant might keep in the back where the non-landscapes dwell, and of course there’s some good old-fashioned sparkly bishonen pinup energy going on here. Also a big fan of how you filled the blue background with the looping ties of both his headband and his hakama, to say nothing of the eye-catching X made by the grip of his sword and the spray of arterial blood. It’s so extreme as to become an abstraction of gore, and it hopefully comes as no surprise that I think that sort of flair is Pretty Neat!

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