6 thoughts on “The Last Time

  1. Wow! I love this lineart, those lines are so dynamic and gorgeous. It’s such an evocative piece too– the tears, that seem to be slipping out, the sensual grope, the soft hand on neck… Lovely work.

  2. Seeing how your style has evolved over time while remaining recognizably your own (yes, I went back and reviewed your earlier submissions again, despite having already done so once for Animated) is (still) really cool! Here you’ve gone for a softer, more brush-ink-inspired piece (which that ribbon of gold really livens up, by the way) that still captures how you pose your characters and go for strong contrasting elements between them. It really invites the imagination: a noblewoman and her bodyguard, perhaps? A courtesan and a street brawler? A lord’s daughter and a traveling monk who’s more of a nun than originally expected? There’s such emotion in their faces one doesn’t need specifics, just the art, and that’s what really makes this work for me. I can safely say you can consider F/F pairings something you can successfully depict!

  3. This is so pretty! I love the little swirls of gold and the scarred lady on the right is just gorgeous, wow. I also really like the spray of plants in front of and behind the characters — it makes me think of some of the fancy papercraft art I’ve seen, where there’s physical layers to the images.

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