5 thoughts on “Brie-zy Costume

  1. Probably says something about me that I saw this and went CUTE–then I looked at it again and went “oh. oh yeah, I forgot the theme of this issue for a second. Still cute, though.”


    I love how tender it also is, though. Cheesy Girl’s trust in Mousy Girl <3

  2. There’s something very fitting about swiss cheese costume for a gal with more than the usual number of holes. Cute!

  3. Seconding everyone else saying that this is very cute! I like the implication that wherever they are, it’s entirely reasonable for one to wear a costume that shows off not just a little cleavage but actual vulva action; sounds like one hell of a party to me. The hand going under the strap of the mouse costume is a great little detail, too, fine proof that the one in the cheese costume is having a fantastic time, really.

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