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  1. This is so CUTE and so SWEET!!!! Ughh i love this so so so much! Julian, half domesticated, his flat affect, the pure adoration in Dylan’s eyes! I know you really went through it to make this but damn did your work pay off. It’s sexy and I love all the grabbing going on, Dylan just picking him up and moving him around like it’s nothing~ and the panel with Julian’s cheeky little smile at “of course you like it” made me smile so wide because he can tease too! And then his smile when he says ‘i’m home’ aaljflskdfkg he’s so cute he’s so good they’re both so good and in love ❤️

  2. Seeing this sexy thigh-biting cover = must click and read. Laughing at how weak Julian is to Dylan sparkles, and how direct Dylan is asking for bang time! This was very hooot!! Grouchy and forever-pining/loyal dynamic is soooo gooodddddddd hehe

  3. haha I love that sparkles sequence — the timing is spot on! the whole thing’s so hot, and then the ending is so soft. loved seeing grumpy gremlin Julian finally smile :””’) he’s home~ thanks for drawing it!

  4. Comics are so much work and the fact that you got eighteen pages plus a cover (or eighteen pages plus character bios, however you prefer to slice it) done in the absolutely minuscule amount of time you had before Life Events happened is absolutely, positively incredible! These two have such defined profiles, and personality-filled faces, that even without the level of polish you mention you’d hoped for it I never had trouble knowing exactly which of them was emoting in a given panel. Speaking of paneling, you clearly took the right lessons from your inspirations, since you struck a perfect balance between mixing up poses and page layouts with making the action intuitive to follow. It’s also really dynamic! Still poses feel intentional, not awkward or stiff, while the action scenes feel suitably alive.

    All in all, an excellent return to comic-making form. If this is what a “rushed and unfinished” piece looks like for you now, I can’t wait to see what you’ll do when you have the luxury of time on your side!

  5. Julian’s grumpy grumpy face is SO CUTE, I am dying. He sure looks like he travels a lot, poor guy — those bags under his eyes! (Though he clearly also spends just a mindblowing amount of time at the gym, damn son, those arrrrrms.) I desperately want to know how these two met — hotel owner and traveler presents a lot of options. Dylan’s got that big caretaker energy too. I can imagine him taking one look at the exhausted, surly writer gremlin and going “Oh yeah, this guy needs a homecooked meal” (and a good dicking down XD).

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