by Nori Kanfuyu (法 寒冬) illustrated by Tamago (卵) Nikolay woke to a terrible sound, a knife at his neck, and the pale nightmare face hovering above him. It had been storming when he went to sleep, but this sound was much closer — the breaking of glass.  “Go away,” he said to the nightmare […]


Rule 63

by shukyou (主教) illustrated by Tamago (卵)   Like any good scientific endeavor, the Parallel Universes Research Laboratory ran on rules, and we all had our favorites. It was hard not to — they were all absolutely necessary, and yet so weirdly specific that you sort of couldn’t not get attached. Maggie latched onto the […]


The Breathing Lessons

by shukyou (主教) illustrated by Tamago (mirrors http://s2b2.livejournal.com/309100.html) He showed up three months after the memorials had ended, which was three months of accepting fate after a little over a year of hope. But hope had been stupid from the beginning, because ships that got lost in the night didn’t have happy endings. Time and […]


Our Lives in These Empty Spaces Aside

by shukyou (主教) illustrated by Tamago (卵) (mirrors http://s2b2.livejournal.com/294307.html) My name is Rainer, and I’m an alcoholic. It’s how stories start, if you’re one of us. Hell, if you’re one of us, there’s no other way a story can start. My name is Mary, and I’m an alcoholic, and here’s the time I got fired […]